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In many industries it has been the most natural thing in the world for years, digital marketing. The car industry, banks and other companies use it. One sector that until recently lagged behind is the legal profession. Until recently, because law firms are also increasingly seeing the great importance of digital marketing.

Digital marketing and personal injury

In the Netherlands there is a special system when it comes to claiming personal injury. In most countries, a personal injury victim pays his or her personal injury lawyer himself. This is not the case in the Netherlands. Under the law, you can engage a personal injury lawyer in Eindhoven (Dutch: letselschade advocaat Eindhoven) or a personal injury lawyer in The Hague (Dutch: letselschade advocaat Den Haag) free of charge.

In addition to a personal injury lawyer, there are also many personal injury agencies in the Netherlands that deal with personal injury. These are very much concerned with digital marketing. For example, they regularly start seo and sea campaigns in order to persuade personal injury victims to engage them.

The legal profession in the field of personal injury is still lagging when it comes to digital marketing. The result is that more and more personal injury lawyers in the Netherlands are getting into trouble. They can no longer compete with personal injury agencies and are therefore losing market share. This while law firms often have much more in-house expertise than personal injury lawyers from personal injury bureaus.

There are several initiatives to encourage victims of an accident to opt for a personal injury lawyer. Strangely enough, these initiatives also make little or no use of digital marketing.

The danger of the lack of digital marketing by personal injury lawyers is that the market is largely taken over by personal injury agencies with much less knowledge than lawyers. A dangerous situation.

Digital Marketing in other Jurisdictions

Digital marketing is not only being used in the field of personal injury. Person and family law lawyers and employment law lawyers also use this. It is also the perfect way for a lawyer to get in touch with your target group, those seeking justice in the field of personal and family law and employment law. Because advertising in newspapers or magazines no longer helps. And waiting for the phone to ring doesn’t help either.

Another great thing about digital marketing for the legal profession is that there are many more opportunities geographically. Where in the past you only had clients from the area, by using the internet with good seo and sea marketing you can reach legal seekers from all over the country. This way you can expand your target group enormously. So lawyers who use digital marketing have a much wider reach.

Dangers digital marketing

There is also a great danger for the legal profession in digital marketing. Not only lawyers use it, but also other providers of legal products. You can think of legal expenses insurers, lawyers and personal injury bureaus. These often have large budgets and therefore pose a great threat to the legal profession.

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