I Lost Installation CD of My Netgear Extender. How Do I Set It Up?

I Lost Installation CD of My Netgear Extender. How Do I Set It Up?

April 30, 2021 0 By Rahul Pandey

Netgear WiFi range extenders – the first choice of users thinking to extend their WiFi range and coverage to far corners of their home or office. These tiny devices work wonders when it comes to turning dead spots in fun zones. The best part is – they come with an installation CD that makes the Netgear extender setup process a piece of cake. But what if the installation CD gets lost or misplaced? Relax! There is nothing to worry about!

The installation wizard is built into each extender’s web configuration panel, i.e. mywifiext.net. So, you neither need any installation CD nor special software or drivers to make your Netgear range extender up and running. This tutorial will make you familiar with the process to install your Netgear WiFi extender without any additional items. Continue reading.

Setup Netgear Extender Without Installation CD

Let’s walk you through a step-by-step guide to set up and install your Netgear wireless range extender with no installation CD:

Step 1 – Make Wired Connections

After unboxing the extender carefully, connect one end of the Ethernet cable to your WiFi extender while another to the router. Keep in mind to use the Ethernet cable that came within the extender’s box.

If you find the cable damaged from anywhere, get it replaced immediately. It is suggested to make cable connections with your Netgear range extender while keeping your devices turned off.

Step 2 – Put Your Device On Power

Cross-check all cable connections you have made. They should be accurate and finger-tight. Thereafter, power on your Netgear WiFi range extender by plugging it into a wall socket. Also, put your router on power.

Don’t forget to check the LED status on your devices before proceeding further.

Step 3 – Check Your Extender’s Default SSID

As soon as you turn on your Netgear wireless range extender, it provides Netgear_ext network by default. This SSID should be visible in the available networks’ list on your device.

Step 4 – Access A Web Browser

The next step to install your Netgear extender without installation CD is to access a web browser. While choosing an internet browser to access your Netgear extender’s dashboard, keep the following things in mind:

  • You can pick up any browser, whether it is Chrome, Edge, Firefox, or Safari.

  • The browser must be updated to the latest software version.

  • There should not be any sort of cache, cookies, browsing history, and junk files in your browser.

Step 5 – Log Into Your Netgear Extender

In the URL bar of a web browser, type mywifiext.net and press the Enter key. Use mywifiext local web address if you are using a MAC OS X. The Netgear extender login window displays.

Insert the admin username and passphrase into the given fields. Cross-check the details you have entered. Click on the Log In button.

Quick Tip – If you can’t log in to your Netgear range extender using mywifiext, try using IP to access the login panel.

Step 6 – Follow The Setup Wizard

Once logged in, the Netgear WiFi extender setup wizard will appear. The wizard provides you on-screen prompts. Just follow them one by one.

Step 7 – You’re Done!

And that’s it! This way, you can set up and install your Netgear wireless range extender using the installation wizard. Be sure to configure the extender’s settings as per your WiFi requirements. Keep in mind to change the default Netgear extender admin password to something more secure. Don’t use your personal data such as your name, spouse’s name, your birthday, home address, phone number, etc. in the password.

Congrats! You have properly set up your Netgear extender without the installation CD.

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