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Hybrid lashes vs classic,

What would you do if your client wants a set of eyelash extensions for a daily look and needs your advice on hybrid lashes vs classic lashes? To give your clients the most professional and accurate answer, please refer to our shared article below.

1. What are hybrid lashes?

1. What are hybrid

The best combination of volume style and classic eyelash extensions is hybrid eyelash extensions. It will help you address your clients’ lash problems, especially those with sparse or uneven lashes. If the basic eyelash extension lengthens the eyelashes, the volume eyelash extension will make them appear thicker. Surprisingly, this mixture results in the perfect set of long, curled eyelashes that nevertheless look gorgeously natural. Depending on the shape of the eyes, this type of hybrid extension can provide a variety of lovely looks. Due to its adaptability and ease of customization for all lash shapes, this hybrid eyelash extension type is a favourite of most clients, eyelash extension professionals, and lash artists.

Hybrid lash extensions are suitable for individuals who want to improve their lashes’ thickness, length, and curl while preserving a natural appearance. Hybrid eyelashes also have the added advantage of being quite robust. According to experts, hybrid lashes can last up to 4 to 5 weeks. It is suggested to wait for 3 to 4 weeks before deciding whether a set of eyelashes looks great. Hybrid lash extensions are popular because they are easy to use and suitable for any situation, including business and social gatherings.

2. What are classic lashes?


Before learning between hybrid lashes and classic lashes, which is a better choice for a daily look, let’s look at some classic lashes information. The term “classic” refers to eyelash extensions that are applied in a 1:1 ratio. As opposed to strip cluster lashes, which are bonded to the skin of the eyelid, this indicates that one extension will link to one natural lash. One of your client’s natural lashes is attached to one extension after being dipped in glue. Other names for classic lash extensions include individual lashes or 1-to-1 lash extensions. The most classic and well-liked type of eyelash is the classic style. If done correctly, the results are natural-looking, light on the eye, and won’t harm your client’s natural lashes. The materials, lengths, thicknesses, and curl patterns available are diverse.

3. Hybrid lashes vs classic, which style is ideal for a daily look?


Hybrid lash extensions produce a broken lash line that is soft but also rough and spiky-looking. Clients typically question whether to get classic, hybrid, or volume lashes because there are so many different lash designs available. By assessing the advantages and disadvantages of each distinct lash design, you can assist your clients and provide them with unbiased advice about which is best for the look they are trying to create. It’s also crucial to remember that your client’s natural lashes can be better suited to a specific type of extension. For instance, hybrid lashes are ideal for persons with naturally thin eyelashes all around or with areas of their lash line that are sparser than others. Single extensions can be utilised in denser areas of the natural lash line or to enhance length where the eyelashes are shorter. Fans of extensions can be added to areas where the natural lashes are thinner.

When it comes to hybrid lashes vs classic lashes, conversely, classic eyelash extensions are great for people who like a delicate, natural lash enhancement and who are more interested in length than volume. Which are better, hybrid or classic lashes? There is no right or wrong answer to this vital subject. Simply put, it depends on your client’s natural lashes and the style they are most interested in achieving.

Hybrid lashes are the ideal compromise if your client has tried classic lash extensions in the past and isn’t sure if they want to try volume lashes just yet. As a standout feature, classic lashes will give your clients a natural look that’s perfect for their daily looks. However, this doesn’t mean hybrid lashes are a bad choice if your client wants a striking, everyday lash extension. In fact, many people still prefer to use hybrid lashes for daily looks because they want a recognizable highlight on their eyes. In short, if your clients prefer a natural look, classic lashes are always a great choice for their daily look. But if your client always wants to stand out in everyday life, maybe hybrid lashes will be a worthy choice. However, whatever your client’s choice is, you should prioritize using high-quality products from famous brands like LLBA to create the best results for your clients.

That is all, we hope this sharing will be helpful for your work if your client needs advice on hybrid lashes vs classic lashes for a daily look. 

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