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How to Utilize the Open Space Under Your Elevated Deck

Homeowners rush to renovate their homes in search of extra storage space to put things away. They fail to take advantage of the unused and underutilized space under their decks to provide additional storage. Instead of adding a garage or building a walk-in pantry, you can use the space underneath your deck as an outdoor storage or a beautiful outdoor living space. However, you need to figure out if you require wet or dry storage to use this space. Wet storage means you need to store only weatherproof items such as a garden hose, PVC pipe, kayaks, and plastic snow toys. On the other hand, dry storage requires you to provide a weatherproof barrier between decking boards and the space below. 

How to Keep the Space Under Your Deck Dry For Storage


Having a storage space that is constantly exposed to leaking water and moisture can be challenging. With an under decking system in place, you can store your items all year long. An under- decking system entails a drainage system that keeps away water from the deck through draining using a network of gutters, downspouts, trim, and ceiling panels. This helps transform a dark, wet space into a dry, functional storage space. Once the system is installed, you can customize your deck space by adding utilities such as furniture, lighting, ceiling fans, and more. But how can you keep the space under your deck dry to use for storage? By installing a drainage system.


Deck Membrane or Downspouts


Plastic membranes are fastened loosely to the top edge of deck joists, followed by downspouts fitted between joists and spaced between 12 to 16 inches on center. Decking boards are then installed over the top and sealed with a butyl tape. Wood or synthetic decking is then fastened to the deck frame over the drainage assembly. A membrane forms troughs that rundown to downspouts positioned near the joist header. A long gutter is attached to the structure below downspouts to collect water and lead it away from the protected area.


Under-Deck Ceiling Systems


Deck ceiling systems use corrugated aluminum and plastic panels that drain water and channel it away from the protected area. These systems provide an all-in-one drainage and a ceiling finish suited for areas beneath the deck that are high enough from the ground.


Waterproofing Decking Flanges


Waterproof decking flanges are designed to act as spacers between boards and act as mini-gutters to divert water towards deck edges. They are simpler compared to membrane and ceiling drainage systems. Using a rubber mallet, the rubber flanges are pounded into the edges of decking boards.

How to Utilize This Space Under Your Deck


There are endless under-the-deck storage ideas that you can use to customize your deck. Such include;

  • Lattice panels
  • Build a patio storage shed
  • Deck storage drawers
  • Firewood storage nook
  • Under the stairs, storage shed
  • Stone veneer shed
  • Hidden drawer storage under the deck


Taking advantage of the extra space under your deck is a great way to maximize space in your house and add value to your home. The extra space under your deck can be useful in different ways other than for storage, including; creating an under-deck play area for your kids, an outdoor living room, and a patio. 


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