Mon. Sep 25th, 2023

Ever since marijuana became legal for medical purposes, people have started utilizing the many benefits weed has for health. There are various ways to consume marijuana, some use edibles while others may like to rub CBD oils, balms, and tinctures. It depends on the user how he wants to consume CBD and THC to take its benefits. 


Most people like to consume CBD oils in vape pens. The preloaded vape pens are easy to use as they are portable and easy to handle. However, some like to take it up a notch and utilize cannabis concentrates directly. If you want to know how to use Medical Cannabis Concentrate Pens, then keep reading the article as you will find the information extremely useful. 

Dabbing Marijuana Concentrates

If you do not like vape or CBD oils for some reason and want to utilize solid concentrates for your medical conditions, then dab should be your choice. Dabbing is vaporizing the solid cannabis concentrates using a device. The concentrate may be in different forms, like sauce, budder, or live resin. These solid concentrates have the consistency of butter or marmalade. Such consistency can not be loaded in oil pens. Therefore, a dab rig or wax pens are used for this purpose. 

  1. Dab Rig

A dab rig looks like a bong. It has a vaporizer compartment where you place the cannabis concentrate and it vaporizes when you lit it. The procedure of using a dab rig is rather lengthy. The nail or a banger, made of ceramic or quartz, is heated with a blow torch till it reaches the temperature of about 300 to 500 °F. Once the desired temperature is reached, the concentrate is placed inside. The taste and power of the vapors consumed this way are tremendous, however, the lengthy procedure makes it a difficult task. 

  1. Wax Pen

Wax pens are more like vape pens as they are easy to carry around. The difference between a vape pen and a wax pen lies in how cannabis is loaded into them. A vape pen utilizes an oil-filled cartridge. However, a wax pen has an open coil, called an atomizer. The cannabis concentrate is placed on the coil and it vaporizes instantly due to the high temperature of the coil. Wax pens will not allow you the secrecy a vape pen provides, however you can dab solid concentrates on the go. 

Health Benefits Of Dabbing Concentrates

Medical cannabis concentrates have many health benefits. If you have authorization from your physician, then dabbing cannabis concentrates can help you relieve the medical condition more effectively. Here are some of the uses of medical cannabis concentrates. 

  • Pain Relief

  • Help With Anxiety

  • Manage Depression

When you use cannabis for the above reasons within a limited amount, you are sure bound to find relief. However, if you consume cannabis without measuring the associated risks, then you may end up hurting yourself. Make sure you get your concentrates from a reliable source to ensure a quality product

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