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Microsoft Access is a database management system that keeps data secure and processes it further. It keeps raw data and converts it into useful information using report features. Most companies function with certain types of database management systems. Due to the significant data security, Access 2010 database upgrade prevents breaches.

Installing Access 2010 database upgrade

  1. Firstly, verify that your system supports the upgrade. Visit the Access page at Microsoft’s website to review system requirements.
  2. Check your system by right-clicking the “My Computer” or “Computer” icon on your desktop. You can review your computer’s specifications on the “General” tab.
  3. Perform a database backup before downloading the software. Shift your database to another location, for e.g., an external hard drive. This way, you can prevent loss of data.
  4. You can buy the software from an authorized retailer or from Microsoft’s official website. Always consider buying it from a trustworthy dealer or from any manufacturer.
  5. Update your computer from Microsoft Update Center. Click on “Express” button in case your computer requires update. You will get to know the updates that your computers need. Install any of the updates it suggests.
  6. Start installing. 
  7. Place the CD in your computer disc drive.
  8. Enter your product key when needed. The key can be found in the box in which the disk came.
  9. Restart your computer and visit Microsoft update website to download any Access updates.

Features of Microsoft Access 2010

Microsoft Access 2010 allows you to build web databases and publish them on SharePoint website. SharePoint visitors can use your database application in a web browser. Using permissions determining views and viewers. 

Access 2010 database upgrade has a Backstage view that grants you access to all the commands that can be applied to the database including the compact, repair or commands. Let’s learn what Access 2010 database upgrade offers.

To avail of all such features, consult with a reputable software company like Access Experts Software Solutions to update your Microsoft Access database. The professionals here hold expertise in services like upgrading databases, fixing speed issues and adding new features.

  • Publish Access Databases with SharePoint for Access Services

This feature allows users to pick tables from the Microsoft Access Database, move them to SharePoint and make end-user forms in Access that appears as a special website in SharePoint. The web forms here have the same look and feel resembling SharePoint pages. This version requires you to style your web pages separately from any client forms that you want to represent to the users while viewing the database.   

  • Data Macros

Macros or Visual Basic help users to concoct cool features to trigger any activity when a new field is added, changed or deleted in older versions of Access. 

  • Backstage View

This updated feature gives visibility to various settings and available configuration options. It offers great textual help to provide guidance for making appropriate modifications.

  • Ribbon Customization

Using it, you can create customized ribbon tabs and groups. 

  • Data Type Gallery

It is a data kind of dropdown visible in Table views. Beyond selecting the dropdown, you can conveniently choose from a plain-English data types set, which can be inserted as a field in your table. It is a simpler way of adding new fields compared to older ones.

  • File-level Trust

The Trust Center Feature helps confirm if you want to allow VB to run. Most people want to trust only an individual file, that you can with Access 2010 database upgrade.

You can upgrade to MS access 2010 following the simple and quick steps. This version offers many advanced features that can be used to yield better outputs.

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