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How to Upgrade your Infographic Guides Using QR Codes?

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Throughout the years, infographic guides have enabled curious individuals to learn more about a current subject matter within the society they are a part of. And as they are placed in public spaces, like schools and bus stations, their impressions vary. 

Infographic guides are the most effective print materials for keeping the public informed on the neighborhood’s current government, education, health care, and sociological developments. People will become prisoners of their apathy if it is not provided.

But with digitalization, infographic guides are deemed weak if their institutionalization stays on the static side of conveying pertinent, relevant information about a particular ideology. 

To remedy this problem, the agencies in charge must now upgrade how they layout their infographic guides and add a touch of digitalization by using one technology like QR codes in the guides. 

And by using a free best QR code generator with logo online, they can upgrade their print infographic guides and make an intuitive shortcut for people to connect with you online. 

How to use QR codes to Upgrade your Infographic Guides?

To add a digital element to the infographic guides that agencies disseminate to inform the public, they can use QR codes as the medium for the people to go to the digital counterpart of the campaign these agencies add in their guides. 

Here are some noteworthy ways agencies and organizations can use to digitalize the way they share helpful information with their intended audience with QR codes. 

Link audiences with the digital copy of the infographic guide

One valuable means an organization or agency can incorporate the use of QR codes in adding a digital touch to their infographic guides is by adding a digital version of the infographic and letting people keep a copy of it on their smartphones by scanning the QR code attached and share it with their friends and colleagues. 

In this way, they can widen their campaign awareness reach without spending more on printing more infographic guides. They will only have to save the infographic guide into a PDF file, turn it into a PDF QR code and put it in the printed materials they use for the campaign. 

Use QR codes to store link references about the campaign on one landing page

To take advantage of the QR code that they will be placed in the print guide, organizers and agencies can use the links that they are currently operating in the campaign covered in the infographic guide and store them on one landing page using the technology that most influencers use to link their social media pages. 

With this landing page, they can add their campaign webpage, social media pages, donation links, and YouTube video links. Through this, the interested audience can have a complete walkthrough of what the campaign is all about and what means they can help make the campaign a success. 

Store video presentation of the issue covered in the guide

For people to fully understand what the initiative or campaign is all about, organizers and agencies can store a video presentation into a QR code and place it on the print version itself

In this way, they can direct audiovisual individuals to the video presentation to better discuss the issues covered with just a scan. 

Embed an interactive infographic guide version into the QR code

Making the infographic guide engaging for their target audience is something that most infographic designers struggle to have when deploying an infographic campaign. 

To solve this, infographic designers can make an infographic guide version that is interactive and fun to manipulate and open a QR code generator online that supports saving interactive infographic guides to create one. Using one, people can have the option to consume helpful information traditionally or interactively. 

Attach the agency business card QR code

For interested individuals who want to participate in the movement, knowing the organizer or agency’s contact details is crucial. And to have their contact details ready on the spectator’s device, they can incorporate the use of a business card QR code. By using one, people will no longer have to individually type the number in their dialing and only have to scan and save the business card in their contacts list. 


People are electronically sharing infographic guides as the globe moves toward automation. However, because the channel for providing instructional guides varies, organizations will use QR codes to open and download the guide.

Different infographic guide producers can offer their recommendations to the public in a technical and intelligent approach to contain the file and continue the discussion online. 

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