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How to Upgrade Pets in Lost Ark’s Pet Ranch

by c-incognito
Turn your pets into legendary critters

Pets in Lost Ark help you gather all the loot from your adventures throughout Arkesia. Aside from that, they add some storage space and some buffs. The Crystalline Aura provides the latter, but Crystals can be earned for free. You wouldn’t need to spend your money or Lost Ark gold to get their full functionality.

These adorable critters can get stronger through the Pet Ranch that appeared on Aug. 24. Here’s how to do that.

Lost Ark Pet Ranch Basics

You can build a Pet Ranch in your Stronghold when it reaches level 15. If yours isn’t at that point yet, dispatch some crews, research articles, farm Lost Ark items, and do daily and weekly tasks. Once your base is ready, Butler Adeline will give you the quest to open the area. This requires a pet to be owned, but you should’ve received one after the tutorial.

The Ranch has two areas: a rest area and the Jam Cookie Workshop. You can place your pets in either location, depending on your needs. You’d want to put them in the workshop since it raises their Expertise, which will become relevant later. However, that lowers their morale, which makes them unwilling to make more cookies.

To lift it back up, you’ll have to put your pet in the rest area where it can interact with your other pets and relax. The primary cycle to keep cookie production high is to move tired workers to the rest area and replace them with fresh pets.

Why Make Cookies in Lost Ark’s Pet Ranch

Cookies are another type of Lost Ark currency. You can exchange it for potions that improve your pets’ capabilities. Here are the consumables you can exchange these for:

  • Vitameow: Grants Vitality and increases morale
  • Arcane Battery: Pets will make 3 extra cookies every 10 mins after application
  • Pet Expertise Potion: Increases the Expertise of a pet
  • Pet Customization Potion: Unlocks the customization and reskin option for the pet it’s used on
  • Pet Growth Token: Used in upgrading pets

You’ll find them in the shop of the Cookie Vendor.

Upgrading Pets in Lost Ark Pet Ranch

To upgrade a pet, you must max out its Expertise first. The best way to do that is to let the pet make cookies. Then that currency you can exchange to get the Pet Growth Tokens you’ll need to upgrade your pet. The process requires 30 tokens, so get working!

Upgrading pets to Legendary status randomizes or unlocks their skills. Here are some possible combinations:

  • Cheers of the Heart

    • 20% chance to regenerate 8% of max HP
  • Cheers of Serenity

    • 20% chance to reset cooldowns of Movement and Stand Up Skills, and also reduces cooldown times by 40% for 8 seconds
  • Cheers of Heaven

    • 20% chance of increasing Attack Speed by 3% for 8 seconds
  • Cheers of Courage

    • 20% chance of increasing Movement Speed by 5% for 8 seconds
  • Cheers of Resonance

    • 20% chance of a 10% increase to Specialty Meter gain for 8 seconds

All abilities have the chance to have these two effects instead:

  • 40% chance to create a shield for 10% of max HP for 5 seconds
  • 40% chance to regenerate 3% of maximum HP

As you can see, having a Legendary pet can significantly help your battles and adventures. Of course, you must be lucky to receive these bonuses when you upgrade. It will make your critters even more valuable in your journey to find the Lost Arks.

Take Advantage of the Pet Ranch and Get Legendary Pets!

With the Pet Ranch, your pets can improve. The increased boosts can help you immensely in combat and exploration. That should be enough incentive to make those cookies and spend them on Growth Tokens. Legendary pets are attainable with patience and effort.

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Make sure to take care of your pets and keep morale up! Keep those cookies coming, and you’ll have your Legendary pet in no time. The skills are randomized, so you’ll never know what you’ll get until you try. Enjoy the Pet Ranch, as it will be worth the Lost Ark gold you invested in leveling your Stronghold.

Have fun playing Lost Ark!

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