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Have you just welcomed your puppy home? Do you want to teach them basic commands and help them socialize with other people properly? If your answer is yes, keep this blog just for you! 

By now you must have noticed your pet getting too excited upon meeting new people. They must be showing certain behaviours like licking, jumping up, mouthing or general hyperactiveness. Don’t worry, it is completely normal for a dog to behave like this. 

It is observed that many canines don’t know how to deal with people in such situations.  Therefore it becomes important for pet parents to teach their dogs how to greet people politely. But remember, it is not a one-time effort. 

Training your pet on how to behave in front of others is a challenging task. It requires a lot of patience, regular sessions, dedication, and integration of the right set of techniques. In addition, some positive reinforcement, encouragement, and supplements such as dog treats have to be included to successfully achieve the desired result. 

It is observed that many canines (Schnauzers being the worst dogs) don’t know how to deal with people in such situations.  Therefore it becomes important for pet parents to teach their dogs how to greet people politely. But remember, it is not a one-time effort.

To help you out in the same, here is a step by step guide to teaching your pet how to greet others lovingly.

At home

  • The first and foremost thing you have to do is incorporate real-time practices. Ask your friend to ring the bell and your dog to sit slightly away from the door to make enough room for the person to enter. You can even have your dog on a loose leash if it is easier. This is to control your pet’s excitement as your dog might get thrilled every time the doorbell rings and might show hyperactive behaviours.
  • After hearing the bell, if your dog sits calmly, give them a healthy dog chew. And, if your dog reacts, ignore it until it is over and then present your pet with their favourite dog treat. This will promote positive reinforcement in your dog to let them know if they behave properly, they will get a satisfactory reward.
  • Repeat the same until you get the expected response. This will take quite a few sessions, but dogs are quick learners. Your pet will also eventually understand what you are trying to teach. 
  • If your dog remains calm even after hearing the doorbell in the expectation of the treat, delay the reward for 3-5 seconds to check the calmness level of your dog.

Be patient and observant. Wait till your pup learns to adapt to this behaviour smoothly. Furthermore, you can also attend online dog training consultations to know more about training your dog at your own convenience. 


When you take your pet out for a walk or to explore the neighbourhood, make sure to manage the situation appropriately. By this, we mean controlling your dog’s environment. You can do this by telling your neighbours to command or converse with your pet politely to not trigger any unwanted reaction. 

Furthermore, if you know your dog is reactive, it is better to keep them on a leash. Dogs can react to even people walking on the road or street. This can result in unwanted behaviours. 

To avoid such a situation, choose a good quality, soft and flexible dog collar to not hurt your pet and do the job effectively. For this, you can visit some reliable online pet stores like Supertails. It is one of the best retailing platforms for all your pet needs and requirements. 

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