Fri. Sep 29th, 2023

Summers have finally arrived, so Ishine365 is helping you by sharing some tips so you can wear your bathing suit carefully through multiple seasons.

For women, there can’t be any more serene feeling than finding the perfect-fitted bathing suit that accentuates your assets and hugs all the right curves. Now that you have got your ideal swimsuit, it is necessary to handle and preserve it carefully so you can rock it on multiple occasions, looking fashionable and appealing. Before heading towards the main discussion, we’d like to advise that always get a good quality swimsuit. Even if you wear, wash and preserve your swimsuit properly, it is going to fade, stretch and damage faster if it is made of low-quality material and fabric. Such swimsuits might cost less, but these are to be replaced more frequently. Now let’s dive into the topic!

Apply Products 15-30 Minutes Before Wearing your Swimsuit!

Such products include sunscreen, deodorant, oil, and/or lotion. Many fabrics get affected due to different products as these substances have damaging effects on the fibers and dyes of the fabric due to multiple exposures. The above-mentioned products are most likely to come into contact. These products can be harsh on the fabric material of swimsuits like polyester and spandex. Therefore, it is necessary to take measures to keep the damaging contact least. But how do we do that? There is a simple solution! Apply your sunscreen, body oil/lotion, tanning, and/or deodorant 15 to 30 minutes before wearing your swimwear so that you can prevent these substances from deteriorating the quality and color of your designer swimwear.

Don’t be Hard and Rough on your Swimsuit

To prevent the damage, it is important to be mindful of the activities you’re planning to perform in your swimsuit. Avoid the activities that are going to be harsh and rough on your swimwear and use cover-ups during such activities that will result in accelerated wear and tear in your swimwear. As a surfboard involves rubbing your swimsuit against an object, it’s more likely to cause wear to your swimwear. We recommend covering up before these activities or buying sporty swimsuits made up of durable materials. You can easily find this designer swimwear in swimsuits online shopping.

Sunbathe before Swimming

Sunbathing is the essence of the summer experience. It gives a lovely, tanned glow to your skin. Sitting under the warm sun rays allows your body to soak up warmth and turns your skin into a perfect sun-kissed complexion (make sure to sunbathe with proper sun protection). This is the experience we all look forward to throughout the year. But how to save your favorite one-piece, halter top, and cheeky bottoms from getting damaged? Nobody wants to have their adored bathing suit get faded and discolored. Therefore, to slow down the fading and discoloration of your favorite swimsuit, sunbathe before going for a swim rather than after it. Sunlight surely fades the colors of your swimsuit, but a dry swimsuit isn’t as much affected as a wet one. This process is accelerated when your swimsuit is wet. Therefore, it is always recommended not to dry out your swimsuit directly under the sun even after a wash.

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