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Wild cats are primarily known for their agility and athletic nature. They chase and hunt their prey mercilessly. Through their antics, cats are popularly known as fierce and not to be messed with. Even our domestic cats take pride in their venturesome activities at home, like climbing places and catching rodents. While they have mastered many things, a cat may become scared at some point during her adventures. For example, a cat may coolly climb a tree, yet she may struggle to get down once she has got up.

She may be caught up on the tree in your backyard, not finding a secure way to descend, and you might fear her falling from a height and injuring her bones. And what if you aren’t present in the scene when your fluffy friend has reached the treetop? Scary to imagine, right?

With the best pet insurance, you may have a backup to manage your furry friend’s health if she suffers injuries because of accidents. So, buy cheap cat insurance, so your kitty has medical support at all times. But, before that, understand why a kitty may find herself in such a position sometimes.

Why did my cat end up in a tree?

Cats are predators and skilled hunters. Sometimes they may eye a bird or a small animal taking shelter in the tree and chase them up with the hope of bringing them dead down the tree. All the while, they may not have realised what soup they have gotten themselves into.

Another common reason is that a cat might go high up a tree when spooked out because of a larger animal. It is a spontaneous reaction to protect herself when she feels her life is in danger. The top spot offers her much safety and a vantage point to survey the place below.

Also, your cat may find it a fun game to play. If she has had any experience of climbing trees and knows you are always there to come to her rescue, she will probably be motivated to do it repeatedly.

What should I do if my cat is stuck in a tree?

Stay calm

The best thing you can do is stand under the tree and wait for her to come down safely. If your fur baby finds you panicking, she will more likely get anxious and stay there for a longer time.

Employ food bait

If your cat’s sole intention to stay there on top is fear or the presence of another animal, you can help distract her from the triggers by placing her favourite food or treats in her dish below the tree then waiting underneath it as protection. One tip for cat parents is to heat some wet food, as it is pretty easy to entice her with the aroma.

Climb up the tree

You may need to climb up the tree after her, so your kitty is reassured she will be fine and then comes to you. Only climb up the tree if you have the physical strength for it, or take someone’s help if you need it and ask somebody from the household to watch on the ground while you are climbing up. Using a safe ladder is a clever idea.

Make a ramp

A less risky choice is where you use a safe inclined ramp and coax your fur baby to come down with minor hassles.

Inquire into the best pet insurance policies. Have cheap cat insurance, so your pet friend is covered for regular checkups as well as accidents and emergency health care like a fall from a tree. Don’t leave your kitty unguarded financially or physically. Ensure you provide her with safe cat climbing furniture or other objects to satisfy her exploratory instincts indoors.

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