How To Root an Android Phone

How To Root an Android Phone

June 1, 2018 1 By Tech Junkie

In today’s world, everyone has an android device with loads of features. But do you know that they can do much more than that? All smartphones by default do not give the root privilege to users.The companies have restricted some features for the sake of the users. But you can access root privilege by rooting your phone to access those features and use your android phone at its maximum power.Read this to know the best way to root an android phone.


What is Rooting?

Rooting is the process that allows you to attain root access to the Android operating system code. It gives you the authority to modify the software code on the device or install other software that the manufacturer wouldn’t normally allow you to. By rooting, your phone’s warranty is voided. So it is a little bit risky to root your phone under its warranty period. Rooting has both merits and demerits of it. So it is better to root your phone after its warranty period is over.

how to root an android phone

Different Ways to Root

There are many different ways to root an android device but most of them are non-working. Most of the methods are just for the promotions of some apps. An Android device cannot be rooted without a PC. If you want to root your Android device you must have a PC. The main use of a PC in the whole process is just flashing the custom recovery. You should have fast boot and ADB installed in your PC.  So here I will be going to tell you the best method to root your android device.


Rooting Your Android Phone

  1. Enabling Developer Options

how to root an android phone

To enable developer options go to settings<about phone. And tap on build number 7 times. Then you will see the message “You are now a developer !”.

2.Unlocking the bootloader

how to root an android phone

how to root an android phone

Unlocking the bootloader is a little bit difficult .it is different for different phones but you will get the one for your phone on Google. I have a Lenovo Zuk z2 plus so for this phone, you have to go to And just fill the information and they will send you a mail containing a bootloader image file. Just copy that file to your laptop and flash that file to your phone by using fastboot.

3.Installing custom recovery

how to root an android phone

After unlocking the bootloader, we have to install a custom recovery. So far the best custom recovery known is TWRP. Although you can use anyone you want but this one is really good. For installing custom recovery you have to download the image. flash it to your phone using the fast boot.

4.flashing the Root file

how to root an android phone    Now download the root file for your device and flash it to the phone using the custom recovery or Fastboot.



Bravo !!! your device is successfully rooted . To ensure this start your device and see that you will be having an SU named application in your ‘apps’.There are some applications for checking whether your phone has the root privilage or not.

These are the basic steps to root an android phone. Comment down if you are having any problem in any step or wants to know anything about rooting your android device.

Disclaimer: Rooting a device may void the warranty on the device. It may also make the device unstable or if not done properly, may completely brick the device. Some methods may install additional apps/software on your device. DAILY JUNKIES or the author does not take any responsibility for your device. Root at your own risk and only if you understand what you are doing!

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