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We all love a bit of entertainment, but not all entertainment was created equal. Movies and music are all well and good, but what about if you want something a little more…adult? Luckily, there are some intimate products out there that will help you and your partner enjoy your adult entertainment time even more than usual! So read on to find out how to pump some extra life into the bedroom! 


Pussy pumps are fantastic tools that take those already heightened sensations down there and crank them up to 11. But we’re sure some of you out there are wondering exactly what a pussy pump is! Well, put in simple terms, it is a vacuum pump that goes over the vulva and sucks the air out, encouraging blood flow to that part of the body for heightened arousal. And if that sounds fun, that’s because it is!

What pussy pumps are available?

If you’re a beginner, and you want complete control over the level of suction that you receive, then the Doc Johnson Pussy Pump is a great place to start. This pink little cup sits firmly on your vagina, and you use a hand pump to create as much of a vacuum as you can handle. You have total control over this pink pussy pleasing product! Go as slowly or quickly as you desire – however you do it, you’re in for a whole world of new sensations! And not only that, but this pump is super affordable too, which is even better! There’s no better place to start when it comes to pussy pumps!


If you’d prefer to use an automatic pump, then we’d recommend the Pumped by Shots Pussy Pump. This USB rechargeable bad boy does all the work, so you don’t have to! It has three suction modes, and the battery can last up to 2 hours, which is plenty long enough for you to feel the benefits! One positive is that the controls are easy to use, so when you’re in the throes of passion and need some extra sensations down there, you’re not fiddling around with complicated controls! Jackpot! It’s small, discreet, and fairly quiet, so no matter when or where you decide to use it, you’re sure to have an orgasmic time! 

We’re going to finish up with the Her Ultimate Pleasure Vibrating Pussy Pump. Why? Because it does it all! Not only does it do the job of a pump (as you would expect), but it also has the capabilities to not only vibrate but licks at you too! This truly is a Swiss army knife of a sex toy! It even comes with alternate heads if you want smaller, more directed sucking on smaller areas like the nipples or clitoris. The protrusion in the middle of the come will penetrate up to 5 inches and stroke against your G-spot for ultimate pleasure. And not only that, but it has a suction cup on the bottom, meaning that you can enjoy all of that hands-free!


So there you have it, just a few examples of the pussy pumps available! For more information, you can see pump reviews on Bedbible! But that’s not all that’s on there – there’s a massive range of other sex toys just waiting to be discovered! 


But as you can see, pussy pumps can add an extra dimension of fun to what goes on beneath the sheets. It’s sexy, it’s sensual, and it’s something that you and your partner can both enjoy, time and time again. And as the popular band The Jam once so eloquently sang, THAT’s entertainment!

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