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When it comes to building your collection of cigars, there are several things in which you could categorize them. Their shape, sizes and flavors are some of the categories into which smoker could willfully describe their cigars into. However, people have different preferences according to their shape and size, therefore when are you visiting smoke shop.

A person should be well-aware of the cigar shops near me and which are the popular brands to pick up from to make sure that this New Year you have the most happening and satisfying brands in the business.

Here are some of the ways in which you are going to categorize your cigars and help you to choose the right ones according to your own preferences and personal learning about them

  1. Names of the cigars based on shapes:

When you are categorizing the shape, you must know that most of the cigars are straight in shape and rounded in heads. The ones that are mentioned above are known by the name of Parejo shape. Any other shape other than the straight and the rounded heads is known to be figurado. However, when you are in the smoke shop and looking forward to making your very first purchase, make sure that you are going to pick up the Parejo ones or the other shape that is known to be Figurado.

Going blank to the smoke shop may be awkward at first timers, and therefore, getting some basic knowledge is good enough to make the selection of the Cigar based on their sizes and shapes.

However, when it comes to the measurement of the cigars and the demarcation that is formed on the measurements is known as Vitola. However, when you are searching for different kinds of measurement of cigars which is slightly different from each other based on the sizes, you are actually referring to the different Vitola of the cigars.

For any new person to the world of the smoke shop, the person should be familiar with the names of different brands as well as make sure that you are going to the right shop and using the right terms to make your very first purchase of the cigars.

  1. Names of the cigar size:

A comprehensive guide regarding cigars is always important to have, and when you are out there collecting some of the best brands in the business, it is inevitable that you know about some of the common names around.

  1. CORONA: this Cigar is 5 ½ to 6 inches long with a ring gauge measurement of 42 to 45 inches long.
  2. Panatela: this Cigar is 5 ½ to 6 inches long with a ring gauge of 34 to 38 inches.
  3. Lonsdale: this Cigar in measurement is 6 to 6 ½ inches long with the ring measurement into 42 to 44.

These are some of the most popularly known demarcations of cigars based on their measurements and their ring sizes.

  1. The cigar ratings are based on their shapes:

The world of cigar lovers is overwhelming people like to flaunt their cigars while, on the other hand, also trying and exploring different flavors of it based on their experience. However, it is interesting to note that cigar lovers have characterized different cigars in them based on their shapes and ratings.

Here is a brief description of the cigar ratings based on their shapes.

Appearance and construction of the Cigar: one of the most important categories which allows the cigar users to differentiate among the best in the business is the appearance and the construction of the Cigar. It has to be carefully constructed when defining a particular shape and also has to be flawless in appearance. When you are picking one for yourself or for your loved ones, make sure that you pay attention to its appearance and construction of it.

Smoking of the Cigar: when you are a cigar lover, most people enjoy it only because of its flavor and its smoothness, choosing. The ones that burn aimlessly are the preferred choice.

Flavor: as the passion for cigars is developing day by day, and the options are also increasing, one of the chief characteristics of any cigar is its flavor. Well, you could choose according to your own liking. But it has to remain consistent and smooth to qualify high on the ratings.

Overall impression of the Cigar: Picking a piece of antique and flavorful Cigar is a different category altogether. But when you walk into the smoke shop and find something incredible, you need to pay attention to the overall impression of the Cigar. Something that matches perfectly well with your personality and allows you to cherish your passion.

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