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How to Pick Social Media Streaming Platform

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Video streaming has become one of the popular means of earning money through online platforms. You can now stream any video that can attract the audience’s attention and earn through viewers and subscribers. It has therefore changed the lives of many people.

Several platforms offer video streaming, and more are still being developed. The different platforms available have made it hard for content owners to choose the right platform. Picking a streaming platform is not all about signing up and going live. There are several factors that you need to put into consideration before you settle for a platform. You need to consider both your short-term and long-term goals and make a list of the features that you require to make it happen. From there then you can choose one that has all your requirements.Below are the tips for picking a social media streaming platform.

Identify Your Core Target Audience

Your target audience should be the first thing to think of. Just as in business, you can’t buy stock without considering whether there will be customers to buy them or not. You, therefore, need to know the people you are creating content for. Identifying your audience is not just about the age brackets and gender. You need to know your audience on a deeper level. Understanding them first is what will enable you to create content of their interest and get help from the Twitch viewer bot

Creating content without having a better understanding of your audience is a complete mess-up. Remember to target earning through viewers and subscribers. Therefore, it means if you don’t have a proper understanding of the audience, you may create content that they don’t like. That will affect your number of viewers, which will make you fail to reach your target.

Define Your Goals

After getting to know your audience, the next step is to set your goals. Starting up something without a proper definition of what you want to achieve may not achieve your goals. Goals always act as guidelines and will show you if you are on the right track.

Creating content without goals will not even make you apply extra effort to your content. Once you have set goals of what you want to achieve, it is what will push you to work hard and ensure you achieve it. Lacking goals, therefore, can even make you offer substandard content because you will not apply extra effort to offer quality content.

Research Your Competitors

Business people always regard their competitors as their enemies, which should not be the case. Competitors add value to your business by pushing you to work hard. They post-challenge to your business every day, and that can make you think of new ideas on how to overcome them.

Before you settle on a streaming platform, you need to do thorough research on your competitors, get to know the platform they use and the challenges they face. That will give you leeway on where to start from. After getting to know their secrets, you can therefore do things differently from what they do to avoid facing the challenges they face. Being unique will also help you attract more audiences.

Match the Platform with Your Audience

Maximizing the number of followers doesn’t mean you have to be live on all the platforms. You may be live on three platforms, but only one platform has many viewers. That may make you waste a lot of resources and money. That is a common mistake that has turned down many content owners.The best way to achieve maximum viewers is byfirst finding which platform has more people, that is for instance what has done a few months ago the platform Dow Jones today streaming live trading price oscialltions, by putting all the effort into one platform that has many audiences. Put all your effort into one platform that has many audiences. That will make them get used to seeing you live and also engage them more frequently. Focusing on one platform will also enable you to have proper engagement with your audience. You will be able to respond adequately to their comments and questions. Creating enough time for your audience will enable you to retain them for a long time. Also, changing from one platform to another can make you lose some of your customers due to a lack of consistency.

Align Your Goals with Features you Need

Setting your goals is not enough but how you are going to achieve those goals is what matters. Live streaming comes with different functionalities. You, therefore, need to create a list of features that are going to help you achieve the goals. You may have goals you want to achieve, but if you fail to have the right features, then your effort will go to waste. Every feature has its specification and works best; therefore, it is important to use every feature for its correct purpose.


Finding a good streaming platform is beyond just signing in. It requires you to uncover your audience and get to know them in detail. Also, you need to know what they want and where they are. All those factors will help you to a platform that will help you achieve your goals.


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