How To Optimize Conversion Rate On Your eCommerce Store

How To Optimize Conversion Rate On Your eCommerce Store

February 11, 2021 0 By Anonymus

A lot of hard work goes into building a full-fledged eCommerce store. After determining your niche you need to look out for resources, set up a store and start your marketing campaign to get customers.

But that doesn’t mean you’re good to go and sales will start coming automatically. eCommerce sales have boosted competition massively in the digital market. To compete in the eCommerce industry and encourage customers to buy from you isn’t a piece of cake anymore.

And conversion doesn’t happen easily; you need to optimize your eCommerce store for it.

Google defines eCommerce conversion rate as,

“The ratio of transactions to sessions, expressed as a percentage. For example, a ratio of one transaction to every ten sessions would be expressed as an Ecommerce Conversion Rate of 10%”.

However that’s not the only way to measure the conversion rate of your eCommerce store. There are other metrics as well to measure the success rate of your store

  • Online sales
  • Customers adding product(s) in their shopping cart
  • Visitors adding product(s) in their wishlist
  • Email signups
  • Social media shares

Today in this guide on CRO we’ll walk you through the major steps you need to take in order to optimize conversion rate on your eCommerce store.

But before jumping to that, we should first know what is a good eCommerce conversion rate.

The average eCommerce conversion rates are 1% to 2%.

Even if you do everything right still it’s difficult to reach a 2% conversion rate. However it’s not impossible if you follow a few tactics to improve and boost it.

If you want to improve the conversion rate of your eCommerce store then you’ve landed in the right place.

Today in this article we’ll walk you through some tactics that you can use to increase the conversion rate of your eCommerce store.

So let’s begin.

1. Using high quality media files on your site

eCommerce stores are digital markets. When customers land on your store to shop they cannot feel or touch the product. They can only see your products so how can you encourage them to buy it.

For this purpose, we suggest eCommerce merchants to use high quality media files like product images and video tutorials to improve the user experience. It will not only make your store visually appealing but increase your conversion rate.

2. Free shipping is a must

To survive and thrive in this highly competitive eCommerce market,offering free-shipping is essential. Since customers are accustomed to Amazon shipping standards, they expect the same from others too.

2.Free shipping is a must

If you’re not offering free-shipping, you will definitely lose customers and this will adversely impact your conversion rates.

Can’t afford free shipping? Well it’s just a psychological game, a phenomena.

To cover shipping charges, increase the price of your products. That’s all.

3. Offering limited time discount offers

Offering limited time discounts is certainly the best way to improve conversion rates as it drives urgency in customers and they’re more likely to complete a purchase without getting distracted.

Offering limited time discount offers

You can offer discounts through coupons which customers can use at the checkout for a limited time period to avail the offer.

4. Being competitively priced

Suppose you’re an eCommerce merchant who’s selling denim jackets. There must be other eCommerce stores who’re selling the same product. So the question is, who will win the sale?

Well it totally depends on your pricing. That’s why you should always choose the average price of your products to stay relevant. Also don’t forget the prices of your products when there is a fluctuation in them.

But what if two brands are selling the same product and the price is same, then who will take the lead? Well, your imagery and marketing quality heavily influences customers.

So apart from being competitively priced, keep the imagery and marketing quality remarkable to win more sales.

5. Using cart abandonment software

Often eCommerce merchants complain about abandoned shopping carts. If you don’t know what cart abandonment is, let us tell you.

Suppose a visitor lands on your eCommerce store, add a few products in his shopping cart and without the checkout he leaves your site. In such a situation using cart abandonment software is necessary if you really want to increase your conversion rate.

5.Using cart abandonment software

Some eCommerce platforms like BigCommerce offer it for free. However if you’re using any other eCommerce platform you need to pay to get hold of one.

Use cart abandonment software to find out such customers and send them follow-up emails along with some discount to drive urgency in them.

This will automatically bring sales which will also increase eCommerce conversion rate of your site.


Launching an eCommerce store is a challenging task. But mind that encouraging customers to buy from you is much more difficult. However if you’ll use the tactics we have mentioned above in this article you will be able to do it easily.

We hope our short guide on CRO will help you in optimizing the sales conversion rate of your eCommerce store.

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