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We all love our “Image first” social media platform. We have so many ideas about creating the most potent Instagram account. We try to take adorable photos, want to write the correct captions, use emoji, location, GIFs and so much more than these. These all for followers on Instagram. It’s for the engagement.

As social media has more control over our daily life the main concern is our mental health. Is social media affects us? Most recent research shows that posts create unrealistic expectations.

So that Facebook, owner of the Instagram, make a new feature and announce it in a blog post. From now on we can hide like count and view count in the feed of all posts.

Instagram feed will not show, how many likes posts get on an Instagram post.

Although there are different arguments now, we have more options to choose what we want to see in our home feed.

Hiding likes: Why it is an option?

Instagram feed now hides like count. This feature aims to see “depressurize people’s experience” on Instagram. Tested hiding as we can understand it is for users’ good.

Instagram posts

As we know Instagram post means the photos or videos that are shared on Instagram profile. When you post a photo or a video your main aim is to get likes on Instagram.

On the other hand, Instagram posts can bring anxiety, which will lower your mood and self-esteem.

Now we have an option to hide likes on Instagram posts.

Hide Instagram likes

Cause engagement is too important on social media, we all want, all the posts we share to get numerous likes and views.

On Instagram, it is easy to see how many likes we get from posting directly written under the photo. Instagram gives users the option to hide likes.

How to hide likes on Instagram posts

If you are going to hide like counts, you’re also unable to see like counts on other users’ posts even in your Instagram home feed.

As a user, you can hide likes post by post. Tap the three dots icon in the top right-hand corner of the originally published post you can turn off the like counts.

When you follow these steps you can hide likes on Instagram posts after you already shared them.

  • The first thing that you have to do is,
  • Find the posts that you want to hide likes.
  • In the right-hand corner of the posts, you’ll see three dots on grey
  • Select hide likes to count to hide likes counts on this post.

Keep in mind that, by adjusting your settings you can hide likes or bring them back again.

What to do If you don’t want to hide likes

Hiding likes is a personal decision to make. If the metric is important you don’t need to hide Instagram likes in your posts.

On the other hand, many influencers don’t prefer to hide like counts, because they are working with brands and post through the partnership arrangement. Influencers mention that their engagement rates will be affected negatively.

Like influencers, creator mentions that they will be affected by this option because it is important for communicating value to brand partners.

Are there Differences Between like and view counts?

There is a small difference between Like and view counts. If we need to clear it we can say, likes on Instagram: your followers engaging in your content on the other hand view counts: users spend time on your content.

Own Instagram posts

We want to create the best Instagram account to get engagements. Our individual Instagram posts are the way we communicate with our audiences.

Own posts

There are two different options users have. Instagram gives users options to hide likes before and after posting.

Want to hide likes on Instagram when you Create posts

Hiding like counts from other users. Users can’t see like count when they browse your posts.

  • Create a post
  • On the final page, before you share posts you’ll see the Advanced settings option on the very bottom
  • There must be a Like and view counts section swipe the button to hide like and view counts on these posts.

Hide Instagram likes After Posting

You can also hide like count on the post that you already post. To do watch the step;

  • Find the post that you want to hide like and view.
  • Upper right corner you’ll see three dots
  • Tap Hide like Count

Hide likes on Other Accounts

On your Instagram profile, in the top right of the corner, there are black lines, when you tap it you will see a menu with settings. After this follow the steps;

  • Hit privacy
  • Select “Posts”
  • Tap “Hide likes and View counts”

Keep in mind that settings can be changed any time you want. If you don’t want to change anything you can originally experience Instagram.

Similar features will be on Facebook too.

Hope this flexibility that social media platforms offer us, lessens the pressure of posting. Our mental health is way much more important than the numbers.

As an account owner, we have to remember that social media platforms are just to have a good time, have fun, communicate, and in some cases, if we are using the platforms correctly, learn new things


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