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The Portuguese language is the 7th most widely spoken language around the globe. It is currently spoken by 22 million people over the world and is the official language for seven nations, which include;

  • Portugal, 
  • Brazil, 
  • Mozambique, 
  • Angola, 
  • Cape Verde, 
  • Guinea-Bissau 
  • Sao Tome and 
  • Principe. 

If that’s not enough to study Portuguese today, there’s more. The Foreign Service Institute of the US Government claims that a native English speaker will require about 600 hours or 24 weeks of learning to achieve proficiency in Portuguese.

And to be honest that’s quite a fair deal. Moreover, we have also seen that many companies are trying to penetrate the Portuguese market, which has enabled the growth of professional translation services

So what is it that we are waiting on? Let’s find out what’s the most effective method to learn Portuguese and begin learning right now.

  • Taking Assistance From Language Learning Applications

The latest language learning apps are certain to help you master Portuguese quickly. If you take assistance from an award-winning app for learning languages that teaches you Portuguese, it will stick in your mind within just a few weeks of practice.

An application will provide you with a simple Daily Lesson, as well as vocabulary builders to assist you to master new Portuguese terms quickly as well as real and virtual conversations that will help you become proficient. Furthermore, such applications let your brain go on autopilot while you relax and enjoy your journey to Portuguese proficiency.

One can set the settings of the application to their required level. This allows the learner to concentrate on learning fluent Portuguese by using the method of inductive learning that teaches by example and practical steps. Besides that, a lot of people also take help from Portuguese translation services to learn the language.  

  • Using Flashcards

Certain Portuguese phrases are difficult to comprehend and take a lot of time for your brain to store the phrases. There are many people who know the struggle. It’s all in the past. 

Flashcards are a great way to conquer this issue. Write on notepads the most difficult words and ensure that you are able to see them daily (by your bed is an ideal place to put these). Sooner or later you’ll be able to master the exact Portuguese words that once gave you headaches. 


  • Using The Medium of Entertainment

Have you noticed that when you spend a bit of time in a different country and return home it appears that you are still hearing the foreign language when people are talking?

That’s amazing, isn’t it? Your brain attained a certain level of familiarity with the language. In order to improve your Portuguese abilities, you must get the same experience as Portuguese.

Being able to watch Portuguese films, TV series, and short films as well as enjoying Portuguese songs does not sound boring, does it? That’s exactly what you’ll need to do to develop your ears to understand listening to the Portuguese language. Make sure to do your research, decide what will suit you the best, and learn to speak Portuguese as you didn’t think you could!


  • Practice Portuguese By Speaking To Yourself

If you’re unable to locate online acquaintances to aid you to learn Portuguese, you may even chat with yourself. Not with anyone else, however, but with yourself. Although it may sound crazy, the ability to express ideas in Portuguese can aid in learning the language more quickly. If you’re persistent, you’ll soon realize that you’ll be able to form an idea that is directly translated into Portuguese. 

Once you’ve learned many Portuguese terms and expressions, you can continue your learning by reading on the Kindle. Why a Kindle? Because it is a unified vocabulary that lets you find the definition of a word by tapping it. The joy of discovering new Portuguese terms on your own will allow you to master the language faster.

  • Always Plan To Learn Portuguese

Planning is a crucial aspect of learning. Looking at the big picture, such as “learning to speak Portuguese” is not as effective if you have clear goals and a proper timing distribution. In reality, the goals you set should be guided by the motivations that lead you to choose to learn the language.

If you’re planning to travel to Brazil, you’ll need some Portuguese phrases for tourists. They’ll be helpful for hotel check-ins/outs as well as taking orders for food, moving in and out of the city, or soliciting assistance. This means you can break down the scenarios and terms that apply to each. Similar principles can be used for those who require Portuguese to work in or make the move to a country with the Portuguese language.

And most importantly, these rules can be applied to learning any language. Many businesses that penetrate a foreign market, do not have the luxury of time to first learn a language and then offer their products or services in that particular market. So, what they do is take assistance from LSPs, such as professional Turkish translation services, if the goal is to penetrate the Turkish market. 


In this article, we discussed the easiest ways to learn the Portuguese language. 

All it requires is a bit of motivation along with an effective strategy that enables you to efficiently learn a language as per your needs. Hence, one has to examine his needs and then choose a method via which he wants to learn a language. You may visit Languex Translation if you require fast, accurate, and affordable language translation services.

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