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How to Get Wrinkles Out of Blackout Curtains

If you’ve noticed wrinkles on your blackout curtains, you can get rid of them by washing them. This can be done by using water in an empty spray bottle and ironing them. If you’ve got the wrinkles in a tight area, you can also use a steam setting on your iron to remove them. You can repeat this process until you’ve eliminated the creases.

Iron with low heating

The best way to get wrinkles out of blackout curtains is to iron them on a low heat setting with a moderate to firm pressure. Make sure to keep moving the iron continuously over the curtains until you’ve removed all of them. Then, hang the excess fabric over a chair or tall stool. When you’re done, you can carefully remove the rest of the wrinkles. It’s a pain to iron blackout curtains if they are wrinkled.

Steam Process 

Putting blackout curtains in the steam setting is a good way to remove creases and wrinkles. You should also take care not to damage the fabric by using the steam. If you’re worried about the fabric, use a garment steamer instead. There are many options available to get rid of wrinkles on blackout curtains. You can even try a steamer. If you’re not comfortable with using an iron, you can use a clothes iron.

Steam iron

One of the most popular methods is using a steam iron. Using an old iron can burn the fabric. A clean steel plate can also be used to remove wrinkles. After the wrinkles have been removed, the fabric can be wiped down with a thin cloth. Another method is to use water and a towel. Regardless of which method you choose, you should avoid getting the creases out of blackout curtains.

Briefly process to get wrinkles out blackout curtains 

  • When opening blackout curtains, they are prone to creases. It’s not uncommon for them to develop creases when they’re freshly opened. But there are ways to get the wrinkles out of blackout curtains. If you’re not a fan of this method, you can use a damp towel instead. Once you’ve pressed them, you should iron them again.
  • Then you can iron the wrinkles out of blackout curtains. To remove creases from blackout curtains, you must set the iron on the lowest setting. A mild detergent can be used for the blackout curtains. If the wrinkles are stubborn, you can use a hot iron to smooth them out. Once the wrinkles are gone, you’ll have a soft, cozy look to your room.
  • The best method to get wrinkles out of blackout curtains is to use a steamer. If you’ve already steamed them and want to get rid of them, you can place the curtains on a damp towel. The water should be sprayed over the fabric and ironed on the edges. Then iron the curtains over the entire surface. After ironing them, you can gently press the fabric with the steamer to remove the wrinkles.
  • If you’ve already steamed your blackout curtains, you may be wondering how to get wrinkles out of them. The first step in steaming is to put them back up. Once they are in place, you can use the iron to get wrinkles out of the curtains. It’s a good idea to hang your blackout curtains on a large towel. In case of a heavy curtain, you can try to turn the fabric side down.
  • If you’ve already washed the blackout curtains, you should take note of how to get wrinkles out of them. By wetting them, you can get rid of the wrinkles. This method is very effective and will remove most of the creases. Once you’ve done that, you can then dry them with a steamer. But you must be careful not to touch the foam, because this will make the fabric more fragile.


In order to get wrinkles out of blackout curtains, you must steam the fabric before using it to dry them. A steam iron can be very helpful in this regard. It will help you get rid of wrinkles in curtains by removing them. You can also use an iron if you’ve used a cloth or a damp cloth. You should remember to avoid holding the iron for too long.

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