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How To Get The Right Consistency In A Whipped Cream?

by c-incognito
Whipped Cream

Every big fan of desserts has tried to create the perfect fluffines for whipped cream. Is there a better way to enhance your recipes than by adding a big portion of this sweet mixture? Well, that is hard to beat, but it is certainly not easy to achieve, as there are so many factors that come into play when attempting to get the desired texture. In this article you will read all you need to know before getting started as a whipped cream creator, so, read the following lines and prepare to give your family and friends the sweetest of surprises.

Getting started

If you have tried to make whipped cream in the past, probably you already know some of the factors that influence the end result. From the ingredients, to the environmental factors, such as temperature, humidity level and pressure, and of course, the tools, but if you are interested in getting the best whipped cream of your life, there are a few tricks that you may implement the next time you are trying to decorate your cakes, ice-cream and cookies. As surprising as this may sound, there is no one single whipped cream recipe that works, but there are actually some methods that outstands thanks to the reliability, meaning that you can get amazing results in a consistent way, regardless of environmental factors or the type of cream that you are using (fat free, double cream, flavoured cream, etc). In the following lines you will have two of the best recipes.

The secret to a rich consistency

In the container of your whipped cream dispenser, add half a cup of whipping cream, two tablespoons of powdered sugar, half tablespoon of cornstarch and one tablespoon of vanilla extract. Then you just need to shake it a bit to get the ingredients correctly mixed, and let the magic begin. Once the nitrous gas is in place, you can see and taste the amazing results. One of the reasons why this recipe is so good, is thanks to the rich consistency provided by the corn scratch, plus the sweet vanilla flavour.

For the creamy lovers

For this method, you need to let half cup of whipping cream chill for a while in the fridge, then you can take it out, pour it into the whipped cream dispenser (also known as whipper) and incorporate these elements as well: 1 tablespoon of powdered sugar, two tablespoons of milk powder. Once again, you need to shake it for about 10 seconds and you can start creating the perfect consistency of your mixture. 

The conclusion

As you can see, both methods implement the use of a whipper, or whipped cream dispenser, as well as the chargers, and it is no coincidence. If you haven’t tried this tool before, you need to give it a try, and you can thank us later. Actually you can simply use your whipping cream and obtain awesome results, thanks to the action of the nitrous oxide gas, that makes your whipped cream really fluffy.


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