How to Forward Calls on Yealink Phones Manual

How to Forward Calls on Yealink Phones Manual

February 4, 2021 0 By Anonymus

The call forwarding feature can be used to handle different tasks efficiently. This option is mostly by customer care representatives to deal with the queries of clients appropriately. Yealink phones are also equipped with this feature for satisfying the needs of customers. Calls of the customers are forwarded to the specified department for effectively facilitating users. Different methods can be used for forwarding calls, and step-by-step guidance of these processes is given in the user guide.

Let’s discuss different methods of transferring calls successfully to the handset of your own choice:

1) Types of Transferring Calls:

Users can conveniently configure their phones for forwarding incoming calls. There are different processes used for forwarding calls, and these methods are further divided into numerous types. There are three types of static forwarding which can be used according to the requirement of the users. The always forward method can be used to immediately transfer incoming calls.

Another method is busy forward for bringing comfort in the life of users. This method helps to immediately forward call if the phone is busy. No answer forward process is also quite beneficial for simplifying calling targets. This method is employed if the call is not answered after a specified time.

2) Call Forwarding Procedure:

A single call can be forwarded by simply pressing the forward softkey. It can be done while your phone rings to send the caller to another person. First of all, press the menu key and then select the features option. Press on the call forward option and select your desired forwarding type.

For using the busy type, the call waiting option must be disabled. It tends to be done by going to the menu and then select features. After that, disable call waiting to proceed further. Dial the forwarding destination and enter how many rings to wait before forwarding by selecting the no answer option.

Press the save option to confirm the modifications. User guides of phones by Yealink are quite effective for facilitating users with appropriate guidelines related to the various methods and techniques. These manuals are designed for the sake of user satisfaction. People can take assistance from these guides to efficiently operate their phones.

3) Static Forwarding Through Web User Interface:

This method is based on a few simpler steps, which help to forward calls instantly. First of all, click on features and then move toward the forward & DND option. Mark the desired radio box in the Mode field from the forward block section. Accept the changes by clicking on the save button.

This method is extremely beneficial for bringing ease to the life of users. Static routes are configured with the help of this process. This forwarding feature can be quite advantageous for accomplishing official tasks in a better way. All the instructions are mentioned in the user manual regarding different types of call forwarding processes.

4) Enabling Call Forward in Phone Mode:

Press the menu and then click on the call features option. Select the call forward option and press arrow keys for selecting a type of your own choice. For the always forward type, press the switch softkey for selecting enabled from the always forward field.

Enter the objective number you want to forward incoming calls to in the forward to the field. Enter the always forward on code or off code in the respective field. Busy forward type can also be selected by entering the respective field.

Likewise, no answer forward type can also be chosen by following the same procedure and selecting the desired field. Press the save softkey for accepting all the changes. Select back softkey to cancel the changes. An icon shows that the call forward option is enabled on the screen.

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5) Dynamic Forwarding:

This method can be used for forwarding an incoming call to another party. Press the forward softkey when the phone is ringing. After that, enter the number you want to forward the incoming call to. Press the ok button or send softkey. A call-forward message is prompted on the LCD screen.

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Final Words:

All the above-mentioned methods can be used to forward calls on Yealink Phones Manual. These methods are extremely beneficial for accomplishing the calling needs of people. People can continue uninterrupted communications in this way. You can automatically transfer calls to the desired location or phone.

Incoming calls can be transferred to an internal extension or external number according to the requirement of people. Instructions are also given for guiding people without any inconvenience. A wide range of gadgets is offered at FindHeadsets for the sake of the user’s convenience.

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