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QuickBooks is a leading accounting software that helps users diagnose and fix countless errors and issues. However, despite treating the errors and issues, QuickBooks itself is not prone to issues and errors.

It can counter issues and errors known as QuickBooks unrecoverable desktop errors. They usually occur when users try to run a company file or while they tap on the print, ship or save icon on the transaction page.

We have prepared the most effective solutions to fix the unrecoverable QuickBooks error along with its causes. So let’s begin.

What Causes Unrecoverable QuickBooks Desktop Errors?

Before discovering the solutions to treat unrecoverable Quickbooks errors, the user should know the causes behind them for preventing this error to occur again. The unrecoverable error commonly appears as some 10 digit numeric error codes. The reasons that cause the QuickBooks unrecoverable error are:

  • Your system might be having issues
  • An unplanned interruption in the network.
  • Corrupt/Damaged QuickBooks component.
  • Having a problem with the data integrity of the Company file can also result in this error.
  • Missing updates for QuickBooks or Windows
  • A defect in your program code or your data is corrupt/damaged.
  • Sudden power cut of the system while working on a file.

Symptoms Of Unrecoverable QuickBooks Error

In order to resolve QuickBooks Desktop Unrecoverable errors, users should be aware of all its symptoms. As it helps to apply the appropriate solution without wasting any time. The symptoms of unrecoverable QuickBooks error are:

  • QB Desktop crashes immediately after opening.
  • A crash occurs in the QuickBooks Desktop window.
  • There will be no update to the QuickBooks desktop
  • QB Desktop freezes resulting in loss of work.
  • The transactions could not be saved in the company file.
  • QB Desktop freezes resulting in loss of work.
  • There will be no saved transactions for the user to locate.
  • QB Desktop freezes resulting in loss of work.

Solutions To Fix Unrecoverable QuickBooks Desktop Error

After exploring the symptoms and causes behind the QB unrecoverable error, let’s check the most effective solutions to permanently resolve them.

Solution 1: Suppress your QuickBooks Desktop

Start QuickBooks by suppressing the desktop first

  • Hold “Ctrl”.
  • Launch QuickBooks application while holding “Ctrl”.
  • Wait till “No Company Open” appears.

Suppress Desktop during Company File opening

  • Select your company file.
  • Hold “Alt” and select “Open”.
  • Release “Alt”.
  • Enter login credentials if prompted.

Note: If you do not see the login page, continue to Hold “Alt”.

  • Finally, click “Ok” and release “Alt”.

Solution 2: Copy Company File To Desktop

  • Visit the folder having the company file.
  • Locate .qbw extension file.
  • Copy it.
  • Visit Desktop.
  • Paste the file.
  • Hold “CTRL” and launch the file.
  • “No Company Open” will appear.
  • Tap “Open”.
  • Browse the pasted company file and hit “Enter”.

Solution 3:  Run Quick Fix My Program Via QB Tool Hub

The QuickBook Tool Hub treats several irritating errors such as QuickBooks Error 3371 and unrecoverable QuickBooks errors. To run “Quick Fix” via Tool Hub, Follow:

  • First exit QuickBooks.
  • Thereafter, Download “QB Tool Hub”.
  • Launch the file.
  • Finish the installation.
  • Again run “QB Tool Hub”.
  • Select “Program Problems”.
  • Choose “Quick Fix My Program”.

Solution 4: Create Windows Admin

Creating a new windows admin has different steps for different operating systems. Check the create windows admin steps for the OS mentioned below:

On Windows 7, 8

  • Hit “Windows+R”.
  • Type “Control Panel”.hit “OK”.
  • Select “User Accounts”.
  • Hit “Manage another account”.
  • Tap “Create new account”.
  • Give the account a name.

On Windows 10

  • Hit “Start”.
  • Locate “Settings”.
  • Choose “Accounts”.
  • Tap “Family & other users”.
  • Then, select “Other Users”.
  • Click “Add someone else”.
  • Choose “I don’t know this person’s login information”.
  • Thereafter, hit “Add a user”.
  • Give the new account a name.
  • Click “Finish”.
  • Select the new account.
  • Choose “Account Type”.
  • Select “Administrator”.
  • Click “Ok”.

On Windows Server

  • Launch “Database server manager”.
  • Hit “Tools”.
  • Choose “Computer management”.
  • Expand “Local users & groups”.
  • Select “Groups”.
  • Click “Admin groups”.
  • Open admin properties.
  • Now, Hit “Add”.
  • Enter the account name.
  • Finally, click “Ok”.

Solution 5: Run Reboot.bat File

Running the reboot.bat file includes the following steps:

  • Visit C: Drive
  • Open “Program Files”.
  • Hit “Intuit”.
  • Then Open “QuickBooks”.
  • Locate the reboot.bat file
  • Right-tap on it.
  • Select “Run as Admin”.

Solution 6: Prevent QuickBooks From Opening All Windows

If QuickBooks is opening all windows, it might cause unrecoverable QB errors and to prevent it from opening, follow:

  • Hold “Alt+Ctrl+Del”.
  • Click “Task Manager”.
  • Locate “Processes”.
  • Close all the QuickBooks processes.

Solution 7: Save The Form In Different Ways

  • Use a different way to save the transaction by switching to “save and close” or “save and new tab”.
  • Next, you should ensure that your cursor does not remain on an empty line on the sales form.
  • Hit “To be printed”.
  • Now “Save Transaction”.
  • You can print forms by moving on file and then printing them.

You may need to change/edit the preferences if you receive a QuickBooks unrecoverable error when printing in QuickBooks. Follow:

  • Tap “Edit Menu”
  • Hit “Preferences”.
  • Locate “Company Preferences”.
  • Hit “Clear save transactions”.
  • Finally, tap “OK”.

Wrapping Up

We hope the above-mentioned solutions will help you fix the QuickBooks errors. This informative post concludes all the queries regarding the unrecoverable QuickBooks errors. And the solutions provided by us are well researched and tested by our experts.

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