How to Find the Right UTV Tires

How to Find the Right UTV Tires

January 29, 2021 0 By Rahul Pandey

Like any other off-road vehicle, your UTV works best when you customize it to suit your routine. That means upgrading from stock tires to a choice that’s designed for your most common riding environments, and for some it might even mean a corresponding wheel upgrade. It all depends on what you’re asking the UTV to handle on a daily basis. Since tires are built for the environment, you need to evaluate the tread and warranty based on your terrain:

  • Sand and snow tires have deep treads with heavy knobs that can find purchase in shifting, loose terrain
  • Mud and marsh tires have similar deep treads, but in a shape that funnels liquid and slush out and away from the center of the tire
  • All-terrain UTV tires offer a balance of features that help on pavement, liquid, and loose surfaces, but they’re outperformed by specialty tires in each area

Many UTV owners opt for all-terrain tires to have a single solution for every season, but you might get more mileage out of each tire if you switch from mud tires in spring and to all-terrain options for summer and snow tires in winter. Each will take minimal wear and tear from off-purpose use, and limiting them each to seasonal use makes every tire set in the rotation last longer.

Which Side by Side Parts Are Worth Upgrading

Like other ATV and UTV builds, side by sides are completely customizable, but not every part needs to be changed out by every rider. Many of the stock parts in side by side builds are rugged enough for anything you might throw their way, so you only really need to upgrade in order to enhance performance features you want to emphasize. That being said, there are a few things any rider could customize because the range of performance options allows you to choose a rugged aftermarket build that suits practically any purpose.

  • Performance UTV exhaust packages can help you customize the vehicle’s noise profile while channeling exhaust fumes away from the engine more efficiently and increasing operational efficiency
  • Upgraded brakes are worth considering any time you start customizing a vehicle, whether it’s a UTV, dirt bike, or even a car
  • Throttle grips are often overlooked as an option, but custom grips that are sized to suit you can make it easier to control your ride in any weather

These are just the most useful places to get a general start. To make an upgrade plan that really enhances your UTV experience, you need a goal that shapes your choice of side by side parts as you upgrade.

UTV Exhaust System Should You Be Most Excited For

If you’re looking for a premium exhaust upgrade that delivers when you’re at work and at play, there are a lot of choices. It’s tough to pick just one perfect exhaust package out, so here are three that are within a hair of one another when it comes to performance and durability.

  • MBRP Powersports PowerTech4 Performance Series
  • GGB Exhaust XT Series Muffler
  • Evo Powersports “Captain’s Choice”

Each of these upgrades has its own range of benefits, so you should check them out to see which one suits your build. That way, you’ll know for sure you’re getting excited about the right exhaust upgrade package.

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