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Android Smartwatch

Android smartwatches have become an essential accessory for almost everyone the increase in demand did lead to a variety of smartwatches, but at the same time, it also resulted in price hikes. Finding a cheap android smartwatch that offers quality, features and functionality can be tricky. 

Fortunately, we have been doing in-depth research to find you some of the finest smartwatches at the most reasonable price. After researching, checking customer reviews, and personal use, we believe that KOSPET offers watches that stand out. 

Below, we will be talking about the most affordable, yet amazing smartwatches by KOSPET! 

Best Cheap Android Smartwatch 

TICWRIS GTX Smartwatch – $24.99 

TICWRIS is a great smartwatch that comes with a 1.91-inch, unique rectangle shaped display screen. The single touch display screen comes with a 170 x 320 screen resolution and a TFT IPS screen technology. 

The watch is waterproof. It has a certification of IP68. The most impressive feature of this amazing watch is its battery. The 300 mAh polymer battery offers a 30-day standby time and about 6 to 8 days of daily use. 

It is also great for health monitoring as it comes with the latest heart rate and blood sugar monitoring technology. If this is not enough to impress you then surely 4 different watch faces would do the trick! 

The watch is great for sports lovers as it offers 9 different modes including running, walking cycling, football, and much more. TICWRIS GTX is compatible with a number of languages as well. 

As for the box, the watch box contains a smartwatch, warranty card, user menu, and one protective film! For a price of $24.99 is a great watch to invest in! 

KOSPET MAGIC 3 Smartwatch – $25 

For people who are in love with big display screens, they should go with KOSPET MAGIC 3 smartwatch. It comes with a 1.7-inch display and a screen resolution of 280 x 320 pixels. Moreover, the full-touch display uses TFT technology to offer a smooth and seamless touch experience. 

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With 20 different sports modes, the watch is waterproof. With its IP68 waterproof certification, you can take it for a dive or  swim. It has a strong battery – 220 mAh – offers a 35 days standby time and about 6 to 8 days of daily use. 

It also effectively measures the blood pressure, and heart rate along with the blood oxygen level of the body! The watch comes with Android 5.1 and iOS 10.0. However, both OS can be upgraded to newer versions. 

It also offers language compatibility with numerous languages including Russian, German, Danish, Arabic, Spanish, and much more! 

KOSPET MAGIC 3S Smartwatch – $25.99 

Looking for a sleek and stylish watch, you can never go wrong with the cheap Android smartwatch, KOSPET MAGIC 3S. It is one of the best watches that we have come across. It offers 10 different sports modes along with IP67 waterproof certification. 

Additionally, the watch offers support for Bluetooth calling and music. The temperature measurement is another interesting feature that the watch offers. It also uses modern technology to measure blood pressure, heart rate, and blood oxygen. 

It has a 1.69-inch screen that uses TFT, a full touch screen, and a screen resolution of 240 * 280. The watch offers compatibility with a number of languages including Danish, Arabic, Spanish, etc! 

When you open the watch box, you will get access to a warranty card, a user menu, a watch, its charger, and a protective film! 

KOSPET MAGIC Smartwatch – $29.99 

For girls looking for a watch in Pink, the KOSPET MAGIC smartwatch is the right choice. Of course, this amazing watch is also available in black color. The watch features a round display and a display of 1.32 inches. The dial size is not too big or too small, thus making it appropriate for both genders. 

It uses TFT IPS, full touch display technology with a screen resolution of 360 x 360. Moreover, the watch offers a standby of 30 days and about 7 to 10 days of daily use. It comes with 230 mAh battery life. 

The watch offers 20 different sports modes including running, walking, cycling, swimming, etc. The watch is compatible with numerous languages as well including English, Germany, Russian, Danish, Arabic, etc. 

Take Away 

These are some of the most affordable watches that we came across. These watches offer great quality and outstanding features. Regardless of the watch that you choose, you are sure to get value for money. 

After all, KOSPET is famous for designing and developing smartwatches that stand out! So, what are you waiting for? Choose your favorite cheap android smartwatch!

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