Thu. Jun 8th, 2023

In today’s digital climate, your rental business needs an online presence to succeed.

Your competitors are sure to be online, and so should you. Maintaining an online presence for your rental business is not just another task to complete, but an asset that can greatly benefit you.

An online presence helps you attract more applicants, build a brand for your business, and communicate to potential renters that your business is professional.

So, where should you start? At the very least, you have a company website. Social media is another effective avenue to boost your reputation and strengthen your online presence.

Here are some tips and advice for cultivating a strong online reputation for your rental business.

Update Your Company Website

Your website is the primary landing site for anyone interested in your properties. 

On your website, ensure you come across as proficient, dedicated, and inviting. Otherwise, renters might get the wrong impression of your rental business and scroll away.

Since your website is a digital representation of your business, it should be as professional as possible. Use a professional website builder like Square Space or a well-designed template. These resources give you access to user-friendly designs and color schemes to match your company’s branding.

Your website should also be mobile-friendly. Many renters are looking for housing on their smartphones in-between work obligations or weekly errands. If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, renters may be deterred by its poor usability.

Incorporate AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a hot topic in tech spheres. Landlords are also using it to improve their rental businesses, specifically on their websites.

For instance, a chatbot implemented on your website can be a useful source of information for visitors. When a user enters a question, the chatbot will suggest pages where the user could find a possible answer.

Strengthen Your Applicant Pipeline

Your applicant pipeline determines the stages of contact between you and a prospective tenant. One way to increase your lead-to-lease conversion rate is to add more contact points in your pipeline.

For instance, you could set up an automatic response to initial requests for information. With minimal customization, you can greet the interested renter by name, detail when you’re available to speak with them, and encourage them to continue exploring your website.

If a renter doesn’t respond to this message after a few days or a week, you can personally reply with a follow-up message to check whether the renter is still interested. 

Your efforts to keep in touch communicates that you are invested in potential renters and care about their interest. Before long, you will have built a strong reputation and digital presence online.

Use Select Social Media

Social networking sites provide ample opportunity to cultivate your reputation. Sites like Facebook and Instagram are excellent places to post pictures, stream videos, and market to renters with positive impressions. 

If you decide to use social media, research one or two sites to focus your efforts. Find out what kinds of posts are acceptable on these platforms and which tactics are most effective. You might also investigate your competitors’ social media accounts to learn how other rental businesses stage themselves online.

Some ideas of what to post include high-quality photos of your properties, engaging graphics, and advertisements for any rent or renewal discounts.

A positive presence on social media sends the message that you are creative, flexible, and engaged with your current and prospective tenants.

Integrate with Property Management Software

Finally, integrating your digital marketing with your property management software account can help you centralize your digital assets. On some platforms (like Buildium), you can use an integration to directly connect your software account with your company website or social media. 

Integrating with property management software helps you keep your various marketing efforts consistent across platforms. It also facilitates easy tracking of your digital KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

Attract Renters with Positive Presence Online

More likely than not, your renters’ first interactions with you and your business will be online. It pays to greet them with a positive first impression. You can swiftly build interest and attention in your rental business by upgrading your website, strengthening your applicant pipeline, utilizing social media, and integrating with software.

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