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SEO Backlinks

Backlinks are the links from other websites that point to the page of your site. The search engines consider backlinks an essential factor for calculating the site’s SEO performance. And, a mere number of backlinks is not sufficient. One requires links from high-quality websites belonging to related fields. The domain authority of the website helps determine its quality. At the same time, it is necessary to get links from different sites rather than getting them from the same website.

Thus the first requisite is to create linkable assets. They can be resourceful blog posts, videos, surveys, or even quizzes that increase users’ enthusiasm. Below we discuss the various ways to get high-quality backlinks.

Links from Business Associations and Suppliers

Those selling manufactured goods or having e-commerce platforms can get links directly from the producers or suppliers. One can get the site included in the stockist list of the manufacturers.

It is recommendable to get mentioned in the journals and videos of business associations and industry bodies. Therefore, it is necessary to make a list of associations and request them to add links to the citations. As more people prefer to watch videos over reading content, one needs to get links from video platforms. Today, YouTube is the second largest search platform. It is simple to create and upload various videos on the medium. For example, one can have demo and explainer videos, customer reviews, etc. There are easy ways to create YouTube backlinks. One can add links to the website page in the descriptions and embed custom links. You can also get links from brands that link to your video or embed it on their site.

Add Resource Content

Getting links from resource pages and popular listicles is a wise choice for businesses today. The resource sites give a curated list of the essential players in the field concerned. One of the ways is to create a complete guide for the products or services you offer. The info you provide has to be wholesome and crisp. For example, you can give clear subtopics and make them easy for the readers. Once ready with the right content, reach out to high authority resource pages. Explain to them the need to include your page.

Ensure sticking to white hat linking policies. You can build backlinks from popular news sites and blogs by pitching to journalists and bloggers. One can sign up to platforms like HARO (Help a reporter out). The requisite is to have resourceful content that the journalists can use.

Roundup Posts

One of the easiest ways to acquire links is from roundup posts and expert roundups. Roundup sites curate the best content available on a weekly or monthly basis. You will have to find websites related to your industry containing links to the best content in your niche. You can do a keyword-based roundup search. Blog posts, case studies, and the latest infographics are suitable for pitching to the roundup sites. The content you provide must be of high quality and highly relevant. Expert roundups include interviews and quotes from influential people in the industry. The expert roundups have massive social shares and thus get a wider reach. Also, the backlinks from this category can help you connect with prominent people in the industry.

Skyscraper Content

The skyscraper technique is a link-building strategy that improves existing high-ranking content. One needs to analyze the gaps and come up with better quality. One can get deep into topics that people are looking for, but details are not available currently. It is also recommendable to improve the design aspects of the page. And, the crucial part of the skyscraper technique is to reach out to the right people for backlinks. You can use media databases to find brands, influencers, and journalists who will be genuinely interested in promoting the content.

Broken Link Building

No website owner prefers to keep outdated, broken links. It is a poor experience and severely affects its ranking. The process involves finding pages with 404 link errors under your business category. The next step is to inform the website owner or the management authority regarding the broken link.

You need to justify the suitability of your page for the broken link and get the backlink. You can follow the same process for rebranded or name-changed websites too.

Final thoughts:

Today search engines have algorithms and use multiple parameters for determining the site ranking. Quality backlinks from high authority websites are still a key ranking signal. It is necessary to get “dofollow” links so that the search engines do not ignore the backlinks.

It is recommendable to have the target keywords as anchor text in the backlinks. It directly helps to improve ranking.

As a business owner, it is essential to network online and offline. Writing guest posts, creating podcasts, conducting interviews, and getting interviewed are a few networking tactics to build backlinks.

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