Sat. Jun 10th, 2023

In this article, we will hook up with you another area of ​​online commerce, namely creating gift coupons.

We all know perfectly well that many Internet services distribute coupons from various companies for certain products.

The developers of the Open cart engine took care of this and included this functionality in the core of the engine delivery. This way, you will not need to install additional modules and other extensions. Read on how easy to create and redeem coupon codes.


How do coupons work?

1.) You create a specific coupon code in your store and specify all its parameters.

2.) Then distribute it to your clients. This can be done through an email newsletter, the configuration we have already considered, or online or offline distribution.

3.) Now, when a customer purchases the basket of goods, he will have a field for entering a coupon code. If he uses it, he will receive a certain percentage of the discount.

These bonuses work very well to motivate people to buy. You can check it on online stores.


How to set up?

We need to go to the “Sales” – “Coupons” section to create a coupon.

Then select you can select on the Add upright upper corner.

A form with settings will open in front of you. You will need to fill in your personal details in the correct way.

Coupon code name: In this field, clearly state the essence of the discount, for example, “5% discount on products in the series.

The value that you will send to your customers: It must be unique for each coupon.

Type of. Discount option: a percentage or a fixed amount in cash.

Discount:  Discount value.

Total: In this field, you must specify the minimum price threshold from which this coupon begins to operate.

User authorization:  Whether the customer needs to be logged in to use this coupon or not.

Free shippingDoes this discount also imply a free delivery service?

Also, you can specify a specific category or product to which this code will be applicable and the time frame of its validity.

Several coupon applications: I advise you to use this field and specify some restrictions. If you want to make an endless discount, then just leave it blank.

Several applications by one client: A very important parameter, usually set its value equal to one.

Once you have done go ahead and click “Save.”

Everything, the coupon has been created. You can add it to various online services and receive an additional stream of customers to your resource. Once you have established and have a discount, the rest of the work will be easy for you to find on



When looking for a way to create a coupon code, there are various ways you can try out and see if you qualify for the chance. In this article, we have shared with you some of the important ideas relevant to what you might be looking for to start with. We have explained to you some of the important points above.

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