Wed. Sep 27th, 2023

In comparison to smoking, vaping is a better way to use dry herbs. However, that does not mean vaping is absolutely clean. That is why thoroughly cleaning your dry herb vape is important if you want to have a premium experience with vaping every time you puff. You invest a lot of money in your dry herbs and vaporizer. Of course, you want to experience premium vaping, which is why you have to know how to clean it.

Dry herb vaping is not the same as using wax vapes or just the regular one because you are not using an e-juice.

Here’s how you can clean your dry herb vape:

How to Clean Your Device’s Chamber

As what you have noticed now, the dry herb chamber and mouthpiece are parts of the dry herb vape that you should regularly clean. It is not necessary to understand how they work, but you should clean them.

Clean the oven before it gets cool because any residue or leftover is still pliable and soft if you wait. After that, it will start to harden and becomes harder to clean. For a quick cleaning, you can empty the cashed herb and then use the cleaning brush to get rid of any matter around the oven.

You can use a cotton tip soaked in alcohol and wipe chamber to remove oil or resin buildup. Use a fresh cotton to remove excess alcohol once it dries.

Clean the Vapor Path or Mouthpiece

You should make sure the mouthpiece stays clean inside and outside. Cleaning the inside prevents it from clogging and having more draw resistance. No matter if you are using vape pens vs. box mods. When you clean outside, it prevents bacteria buildup which benefits you. Some vapes have a glass mouthpiece which is wider, so you can easily clean it compared to mouthpieces made from rubber or plastic.

The outside can be cleaned using warm water or alcohol. Use a cleaning brush to scrub the inner surface. Use a cotton bud for more thorough cleaning, but dip it in alcohol first.

Inspect the Battery

You should check the 510 threaded batteries and wipe away any dirt or residue to make sure there is an unobstructed and clear connection. In order to maintain the battery’s cleanliness, you can check it every time you have to charge it to prevent any residue buildup.

Clean the Body

If you have been using your dry herb vape for a quite some time, the exterior may be coated with fingerprints, dust, and lint from your pocket. Microfiber cloths or alcohol wipes get rid of contaminants easily. If there are ridges on your device that collects dust, you can use a toothpick to scrape the edges.

Wipe off Any Excess Cleaning Solution

After cleaning everything thoroughly, you can burn off any excess solution you used for cleaning. This is to make sure that you do not inhale any isopropyl alcohol that you used in the cleaning process.

Make sure to clean your oil cartridge battery well because the device will not work without a good power source.

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