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When it comes to high-quality strength training on home gym equipment, nothing compares to the Hoist. Strength training with Hoist’s premium fitness equipment is like nothing you’ve experienced before, thanks to the brand’s ingenious combination of cutting-edge technology, sturdy construction, and sleek, ergonomic design. Find your ideal Hoist strength equipment from Fitness Expo Stores.

What are the Different Types of Hoist- Strength Equipment?

The home gym and commercial fitness equipment from Hoist Fitness Systems is highly sought after. The equipment is well-known for its high standard of quality and variety, and its lightweight, adaptable design is a result of its straightforward construction.

Bench presses, Smith machines, racks, and stands with cords and cables are just some of the examples of the larger pieces of equipment that Hoist Fitness offers for working out the entire body.

Some popular pieces of equipment are:

  • All V-series Gyms
  • Mi7 / MiSmith Series
  • Mi6 Functional Trainer
  • Mi5 Functional Trainer
  • Mi1 Home Gym
  • Multi-Stack Gyms

You can get Hoist Fitness equipment for your home or commercial gym. All you need is those three items to have a fully functional home gym. The V-Express is great for a full upper body workout, the squat rack is great for a full body lifting workout, and the ab tree is great for a core workout; together, these three pieces of Hoist Fitness equipment create a complementary routine.

What is the Weight Limit for the Hoist-Strength Equipment?

By improving your overall health and fitness, strength training will equip you to better handle the stresses of daily life, both big and small. That’s why Hoist stocks a wide range of strength training machines, from cardio bikes to ellipticals to rowing machines to sleds to a variety of weights and benches. 

You will have stronger hands once you start performing hand squeezer exercises regularly. Resistance and endurance to pain increases. It is not just good for fingers but also helps in strengthening your wrists and forearm muscles.

The strength training equipment provides a wide variety of strength exercises for both novices and seasoned strength trainers. For their MI6 Functional trainer home gym, the max user weight for Pull-Up Bar is 300 lbs and for their weight benches, there is a maximum weight limit of 1000 pounds.

Why Choose Hoist Strength Equipment?

Weight Racks

Hoist provides a selection of weight racks and upright stands to suit your needs. Therefore, the Hoist Plate Tree can store both barbells and weight plates. Multiple shelves allow for the storage of a large quantity of dumbbells in some rack designs.

Multi Gym

When it comes to home gym equipment, hoist weight stations are superior in terms of quality and versatility. The V4 Multistation is a home gym staple, and for good reason. Its high-quality construction leaves nothing to be desired. The Mi7 Station is the flagship model. Functional training and a mobile power rack are brought together by means of cable pulls. If you want to build muscle at home, look no further than the Mi7.

Weight Benches

Since the company’s inception, Hoist has supplied a plethora of premium, infinitely-adjustable, and luxuriously cushioned weight benches. Hoist Fitness’s professional weight benches are not only rock solid, but a home fitness classic like the HF5165 bench puts you squarely in the good graces of the law.

Body Weight Station

Your health and wellness are directly impacted by your use of fitness equipment and accessories. As a result, when shopping for exercise gear, it’s important to prioritize quality over price. The Hoist Power Tower / Body weight station product line provides you with high-quality, risk-free equipment for efficient at-home workouts.

Where Can You Find Quality Hoist Strength equipment?

Numerous sub-categories exist within the realm of physical fitness, such as aerobics, strength training, cardio, etc. In the fitness industry, there is a dizzying array of options for outfitting yoga studios, strength gyms, aerobic centers, or other facilities to meet a variety of needs.

Take some time to prioritize the most important aspects of your training needs before you go rushing in with your credit card in hand. Think about the fitness gear your clients require and have requested, if possible. To save you time, here is a rundown of 5 different stores that supply Hoist fitness equipment suitable for any size gym, studio, or home gym.

  1. Fitness Expo Stores 
  2. Hoist Fitness
  3. Fitness Outlet
  4. Johnson Fitness
  5. Fitness Town

Choose Hoist Exercise Equipment For Strength Training and Lifting Needs

To this day, Hoist Fitness remains a forerunner among US manufacturers of commercial strength equipment. For nearly four decades, the fitness industry pioneer Hoist has been guided by the maxim that their innovations in strength training equipment must allow for natural motion sequences during workouts on the equipment to achieve maximum training success.

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