Thu. Jun 8th, 2023
How to Choose the Best Tablet for Your Needs

Tablets are very practical and suitable for all people—busy businesspeople, bored teens and avid movie or book lovers. And if you’re trying to get in on the trend or upgrade your old tablet to something more contemporary, you might find yourself overwhelmed with all the choices. Today, there are dozens of prominent manufacturers, each offering different models for different needs. So how do you choose one that fits your lifestyle? Here’s a little buyer’s guide for tablets to study today: 

What is the Primary Purpose of Your Tablet?

Firstly, analyze the way you’re planning to use your tablet. What do you like to do on it? Do you want to use it for reading? Maybe you love to play games on it and watch YouTube videos. How about keeping up with those pesky work projects? Or maybe you want to use it to catch up with your friends and family and chat over Zoom or Skype. Book enthusiasts will love a good Amazon Kindle, while gamers might want an Apple iPad Pro or any Android tablet. Serious workaholics and creative souls will love their Lenovo Thinkpad that folds (if the money is not an issue, of course, because these are pricy).

Size Matters

Tablets measure their screens just like any other piece of tech with a screen—diagonally and in inches. Small tablets are no bigger than modern smartphones, measuring only 5-8 inches. Medium products go from 8 to 11 inches, and those for movie lovers need to go a bit bigger, 12 to 14 inches. If you want to spend your table time watching videos, TV shows and movies or working on your projects, opt for Samsung Galaxy Tablets – digiDirect. Their Tab S7 is equipped with a 12.4-inch screen for comfortable viewing. And displays are top-notch with AMOLED tech, which allows for crystal-clear images and immersive streaming. 

Choose Your OS

While smartphones only come in iOS and Android, tablet users have more operating systems to choose from. For instance, there’s also Amazon Fire OS and Microsoft Windows, all with their pros and cons. In practice, if you’re looking for a traditional PC feel, Windows might be your best option. Those using their laptops mostly for media and gaming will love either iOS or Android (the first one might be pricier). People who want to use their tablets for a variety of tasks will definitely benefit from Android, which is made for multitasking. 

Connectivity Options

Tablets are very similar to mobile phones; they all have an option to connect to the internet—their primary function. Modern tablets have two types of connectivity—Wi-Fi and cellular. With Wi-Fi, you can’t really go wrong since it’s created for accessing local Wi-Fi networks. However, there are different worms of Wi-Fi your tablet can support.

All models should be able to support 802.11n, but the best ones support 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz radio bands. On the other hand, cellular connection is more complicated since you need to have a carrier, coverage, contracts and compatibility with cell networks. There’s also Bluetooth for peer-to-peer connection, so you can connect to your keyboard, TV, speaker or other tablets. 

Do You Need a Lot of Storage Space?

Naturally, you don’t have to have as much storage space on your tablet as your laptop or PC, but you still need significant space. Storage space is a substantial feature on tablets and phones because it dictates how many apps, movies, games and photos you can store on your device. Since tablets have a very low power draw, they all use solid-state storage, which is fit for small devices but offers limited space.

Most tablets have storage ranging from 8 GB to 128 GB, which is nothing compared to your PC or laptop. However, if you’re using your table to browse the internet, stream media and read books, you will be more than satisfied with your storage, even if you quite low with GBs. However, collectors of movies and games might want something with a bigger capacity. 

Use this guide to settle on your perfect tablet. If you make the right choice, your tablet will be your new BFF following you to work, gym, school and couch. 

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