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Asian betting

If you don’t know what you’re looking for, it can be challenging to select the best Asian bookie site for you. You can use the following list as a guide to help you decide which betting site is suitable for you:

  • Before joining a new operator, always do your research. A review of an Asian sportsbook might assist you in determining the operator’s dependability and security.
  • Find a list of the top Asian bookmakers online. You’ll get a decent idea of which operators to look for right away from it.
  • Pick a service that will offer you a consistent flow of Asian betting deals.
  • Pick a dealer who keeps his or her odds up to date.
  • A large selection of sports betting alternatives, including additional live betting options and services, should be offered by the operator you choose.

What Asian bookmaker has the best odds?

Overall, most Asian-based bookies and foreign betting sites that are accessible throughout Asia will provide you with a reasonable selection of odds on the most popular sports gambling options. The greatest bookmakers, on the other hand, will offer excellent odds across the board.

Seek out some Asian sports bookmaker reviews to find the finest Asian betting odds. These reviews should give you a good idea of how favorable the chances are on that specific site. Cricket odds appear to be very good on Asian betting services.

Deposit methods that are widely accepted

When it comes to depositing money, any online sportsbook must provide its customers with numerous payment alternatives. Asian betting sites are no exception. Fortunately, many Asian bookmakers provide their patrons a diverse selection of payment alternatives.

However, it is mostly determined by your location inside Asia. Assume you live in China, Thailand, or Malaysia, for example. In that situation, you can use local bank accounts, local card payment providers, or cryptocurrency payments. 

If you live in Vietnam, however, your options are little more limited, as you can only deposit funds using MoneyGram or Western Union payments. You must check with the specific site for their accepted methods.

Withdrawal methods that are widely accepted

Withdrawing funds from Asian betting sites works in the same way that depositing them does. The withdrawal methods available to you are determined by your location. 

Direct bank transfers are the most prevalent method of withdrawal for Asian bookies. This withdrawal method is the quickest way for Asian players to obtain a reward and is usually absolutely free.

Live streaming and betting

The live betting market is another popular kind of internet betting in Asia. Many top sites now provide live, in-play betting, which allows gamers to wager on a game as it is happening. A mobile device is far more comfortable and time-efficient than a desktop or laptop for live betting in Asia.

In asia, is online betting legal?

Online gambling is mostly allowed in Asia. However, this is highly dependent on the player’s location in Asia. Each country, like every other continent, has its own set of laws and regulations governing various sorts of internet gambling.

Many countries do not allow internet gambling through offshore sportsbooks, but will allow it through a domestic online operator. China and Indonesia are two examples of such countries. 

On the other side, countries such as the Philippines can use any type of online betting Bola Gacor website in the globe with no legal consequences. Some players may prefer to utilize a VPN to avoid the restrictions imposed on certain countries.

Asian gambling permits

Because of its vast breadth, Asia has a plethora of official gaming authorities. The Casino Regulatory Authority is in Singapore, the Amusement and Gaming Corporation is in the Philippines, the National Gambling Control Commission is in Korea, and the Commonwealth Casino Commission is in the Marianas Islands. If an internet operator wishes to operate in these Asian countries, they must obtain licenses from one of these suppliers.

Winning at online betting in Asia

You can boost your chances of success by employing these tips and methods when betting with an Asia bookie. Of course, the most important piece of advice is to examine and investigate your selected betting market on a frequent basis. 

For example, if you’ve chosen the sports betting market and football is your favorite sport, you should look at the general trends in odds surrounding the sport and team you want to bet on.

Asian bookies frequently give what is known as a “Asian Handicap.” It is a contemporary feature, particularly for football betting. It is where a site will either reduce or increase the number of total goals in a match, boosting your chances of winning if you employ the handicap effectively. BetVictor, Bet365, and 10Bet are among the best Asian handicap betting sites.

Asia’s most active betting countries

Some of Asia’s most active betting countries include:


A number of regulatory prohibitions continue to impede internet betting in China, but this hasn’t stopped keen bettors from using VPNs to access numerous online bookmakers.


Because most Indian players bet on cricket, most Indian bookmaker sites will offer the greatest cricket odds available.

The city of hong kong

Technically, any sort of internet betting is forbidden in Hong Kong, but many Hong Kong residents opt to ignore this and wager through VPNs.


Several restrictions continue to restrict online betting in Japan; nevertheless, horse race betting is entirely permitted for Japanese nationals.


Players in Bangladesh can use almost any online sportsbook in the world because their rules only prohibit horse racing bets.


Malaysia is yet another country that legally prohibits all forms of online gambling but does not prohibit the use of VPNs, allowing gamers to access a variety of offshore sites.


Because traditional brick-and-mortar casinos are forbidden in Macau, online casinos are highly regarded.


The laws in the Philippines are slightly more liberal than in other parts of Asia, allowing Filipino gamblers to access a wide selection of offshore and local online betting services.


Because other forms of gambling are prohibited in Singapore, sports betting is extremely popular. However, only official Singapore-regulated sites such as Singapore Pools should be used for this.


Offshore betting is popular in South Korea because it is unlawful for a South Korean individual or company to create a betting company.


Thai bettors will almost certainly need to utilize a VPN to access any online betting platform due to the country’s severe gambling rules.

Formats for Asian odds

While many Asian sportsbooks employ the global decimal odds format, there are many odds forms that are exclusive to Asia. Hong Kong odds show the bettor how much they will win if they win the bet. 

Indonesian odds are similar to standard American decimal odds, but are displayed as 100s rather than decimals (1.34 would be 134). Malay odds employ the negative/positive format, but in reverse, thus a negative figure is an underdog and a positive model is a favorite.

Currencies accepted for Asian betting

The best Asian betting sites will accept a variety of Asian currencies. Top sites, for example, will let you to spend Hong Kong Dollars, Vietnamese Dong, Indonesian Rupiah, Malaysian Ringgit, and Thailand Baht, among other currencies. These sites typically accept US dollars, Euros, and British pounds.

Tips and predictions for Asian betting

As previously said, the Asian handicap system will provide you with numerous opportunities to win large at Asian bookies online. If you need help with this feature or other Asian bookies’ recommendations, visit one of our evaluations or search for some on the operators’ website.

An introduction to online betting in Asia

While not exactly legal in every jurisdiction, online betting in Asia is often beneficial and pleasurable for Asian gamblers. The following brief section attempts to summarize some of the most important ideas raised in this article:

  • The Philippines, India, Malaysia, Thailand, China, and Japan are among the most active betting countries in Asia.
  • Customers who speak Mandarin, Cantonese, Malay, or Hindi are frequently catered to by several Asian betting sites.
  • Asian bookmakers typically accept a variety of currencies, including Vietnamese Dong, Hong Kong Dollars, and Thai Baht, in addition to Euros and US Dollars.
  • PayPal, bank transfer options, MoneyGram, and Western Union payments are all common payment ways.
  • Football, cricket, golf, and badminton are some of the most popular sports gambling options on Asian websites.

The bottom line

The Asian online betting experience can be extremely beneficial as long as you use a legal form of online betting in your region or country. There are numerous local and international bookmakers to pick from. Find one of our recommended operators today to start your Asian betting adventure.

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