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How to choose an Orthopaedic hospital for your knee replacement

Pain in the knees can severely impact the mobility of a person. People suffering from knee pains find it difficult to perform everyday tasks like walking, climbing stairs, sitting in a chair, or moving out of it. In many cases, medication or exercise can lessen knee pains. But in extreme cases, medication and exercise may not work. In such circumstances, knee replacement is the only remedy. A successful knee replacement can relieve you of the pain and help you lead a normal life. But it is very crucial to get medical treatment from a reputed hospital. So, if you or someone in your family needs a knee replacement, here are a few tips that will help you choose an excellent orthopaedic hospital. 


The doctor’s experience and expertise 


The first thing to consider when searching for an orthopaedic hospital in Mumbai or any other part of the country is the quality of surgeons. Thoroughly check the experience and expertise of the surgeons working with the hospital. One of the best ways to do this is by making a list of the hospitals specialising in knee replacement surgeries. Then you can study the backgrounds of the medical team at each hospital and compare them in terms of educational qualifications, experience, cases handled, success rate, training received, etc. Reputed hospitals have a dedicated website where they list out the information of the hospital and the doctors/surgeons. Besides checking the website, read reviews about the doctors. People usually write reviews about their experience with the doctor who has performed the surgery. These reviews will give you a fair idea of the surgeon’s expertise. If the doctor has performed between 10 to 15 knee replacements, you can be assured of a successful operation. 


Medical infrastructure 


The quality of infrastructure and technologies used by the hospital in knee replacement surgery is of paramount importance. The hospital should use technologies that guarantee a successful knee replacement surgery and ensure that the patient does not experience too much blood loss and pain. In addition, the environment should be hygienic, recovery rate fast, and surgeries should be performed using superior medical equipment that minimises the spread of infection. Getting a knee replacement at a reputed hospital will lead to fewer problems and a faster recovery rate. 




Is location a primary consideration for you? If it is, you should pay attention to the hospital’s location. If travelling is a hindrance, you may be more comfortable getting treated at a hospital at a close distance to your home. But make sure that the quality of the doctors and hospitals is at par with the best. Getting treated at a local hospital with inadequate infrastructure may lead to ineffective surgery, causing many complications. 


Insurance coverage 


Knee replacements are usually expensive, and not every hospital will be a part of your healthcare insurance plan. So, check which hospitals and surgeries are included in your health plan. Some of the expenses covered in a health insurance plan include ambulance expenses, in-patient hospitalisation expenses, pre hospitalisation charges, post hospitalisation charges, etc. Since the hospital will be providing cashless treatment, it will make knee replacement surgery much more affordable for you.


Knee replacement is a complex procedure. To achieve the best results the replacement should be performed at a reputable hospital and by capable doctors. There are several premier hospitals for knee replacement in Mumbai that have created a strong reputation for its superior healthcare services and receive patients from India and abroad. The knee replacement unit at such hospital provides comprehensive and high-quality care. The highly-qualified knee replacement surgeons are adept at performing surgeries ranging from the ordinary to the complex. So, book an appointment with one of such hospitals to get the best care for your knee.

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