How to Choose a Pickleball Paddle?

How to Choose a Pickleball Paddle?

March 13, 2021 0 By Rahul Pandey

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Different pickleball paddles have different weights and it really depends on your preference what you can play best with.

The pickleball paddles can range in weight from about 6 (lightweight like the Selkirk Amped) to around 14 ounces (heavy-weight such as the Pro Kennex Ovation Speed). The paddle weight also provides you with the feel of the paddle when you are holding it and also the kind of action you can perform when you are on the court. This is, overall, dependent on personal choice, your fitness level and your style of play.

Here is a table with the advantages and disadvantages of both Lightweight and Heavy pickleball paddles.

Lighter Pickleball Paddles Heavy Pickleball Paddles
·        greater control of the pickleball ball

·        better manoeuvrability

·        reduced stress on your elbow or shoulder

·        increased power

·        less effort to hit the ball harder

·        easier to hit the ball dee

·        reduced power

·        require a stronger or harder swing to hit the long shots

·        increased chances of injuries

·        less control and slower swings

Grip Size

The next factor to consider is the grip size. You must pick a pickleball paddle that has the perfect grip circumference to match the size of the hand. It needs to fit your hand in the best manner.

A smaller grip will allow you to have better wrist action, allowing you to easily put the spin on the ball and improve the control you have. The more the wrist movement, the higher will be the power to serve.

A larger grip increases the stroke stability while easing the strain on the wrist and shoulder joints, besides the elbow.  The Pro Kinetic Pro Speed paddle is known for excellent grip.

A quick and easy way to decide the right grip size is really based on your height.

Your Height Grip Size
Under 5’ 2” 4”
5’ 3” to 5’ 8” 4 1/8” to 4 ¼”
5’ 9” and taller 4 1/2”


Material of the Paddle

Materials are again crucial to consider. To summarize the material and the associated features, we have listed some points below.

  • Wood: Heaviest paddle material and cheapest in the market
  • Graphite: The most expensive material option but also very light and powerful in terms of performance in the court. One good option for this one is the Onix Z5.
  • Composite: This really is the middle ground between a wood and a graphite paddle and comes in several ranges of prices and weights. This is also quite popular since it provides good spin on shots. There are composites of different ranges of prices.

Bottom Line

Now that you have taken a good look at the key properties to consider before buying a pickleball paddle, you are ready to scour the market. Get the best pickleball paddle based on your requirement, and start playing now!

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