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How to Buy and Install the Best Truck Decals in 2021

Car graphics and custom decals have always been highly popular marketing tools for small business owners. However, due to the pandemic, the importance of decal marketing has increased significantly. Many business owners have realized that it will be difficult to draw customers to their physical locations.

Even in the post-pandemic world, many customers are hesitant to attend trade shows, corporate fairs, etc. So, why not bring the brand to them? Vehicle wraps and decals allow brands to share their marketing messages to wider audiences. Their marketing messages spread wherever their vehicles go.

However, auto decals and wraps are not like flyers or brochures. Although decals made of vinyl are super-durable, they still need to be customized and installed properly to guarantee top-quality performances. Here are the following aspects of truck decals that business owners must consider before investing –

  • The decal’s design
  • Material of the decal
  • Post-installation maintenance guidelines

Let’s assess each aspect of decal buying and maintenance. Follow these guidelines to buy the best decals for your vehicles.

Design: Template Designs or Custom

The first step vehicle owners need to take is selecting the design and style of their decals. They have two options – go for template designs or customize in their style. When you opt for template designs, your decals will look “normal.” Apart from your brand’s logo and business name, all other design elements on these templates will look standard.

A few select sellers of vehicle decals allow customers to customize their items fully. The obvious starting point in custom decal design is the company’s brand logo and name. Business owners can even print HD photographs, artwork (high-quality graphics), and other marketing messages on their custom-printed decals. Also, consider the following details –

  • Assess how the decals look on your vehicle. Create points of focus in your decals (preferably the brand logo/name).
  • Learn the local government regulations regarding what types of logos, messages, etc., you can and can’t display on your vehicles.
  • Always consider the contours of your vehicles. Don’t design “flat” artwork for your trucks, as all vehicles are three-dimensional objects.

Material of the Decal

Unlike other marketing tools, decals experience constant exposure to the elements. Cars, vans, trucks, etc., experience incredible amounts of air pollution every day. Hence, the material of your decals needs to be resistant to these external threats. Vinyl is a highly resilient and long-lasting material that can tackle these threats with ease.

Post Installation Maintenance

Truck owners often overlook the post-purchase maintenance step as it’s quite a time-consuming and boring process. However, it’s also the most vital step.

  • Use Heat-Guns to flatten out the areas of the decal that have warped or curved.
  • Make sure the decals are hot (preferably 85 to 90 degrees Celsius) at all times. Cold temperatures can ruin the decal’s adhesives.
  • Pick reputable decal sellers who offer maintenance tips, guidelines, etc.

In a recent survey, 80% of consumers said they’re excited to go on road trips as the pandemic slows down. Business owners with extensive fleets and the best decals can easily catch the attention of these large groups of consumers.

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