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Increase your winnings by betting by building a betting model. Having a predefined strategy in your bets will help you obtain benefits in the long term and better weather setbacks, but building a betting model is not an easy task, it will require continuous effort and the investment of considerable time.

There are many different betting models, but the most important thing is that you design your own depending on the objectives you are pursuing. Although no system offers a total guarantee of success, in this guide we want you to understand what a betting model requires and explain the necessary steps so that you can create your own model and be able to achieve an advantage against the house when placing bets. If want to find the best bitcoin casinos to start making money on that, here is the link


It is a system based on certain objective data and statistical information, which allows you to find an added value or benefit by betting on specific sporting events. By betting according to a model, you will be able to enjoy the sport you bet on without your emotions interfering with your rational decision-making.

By building an effective betting system, you will be able to better predict the probability of different outcomes in a match or sporting event. A betting model that borders on perfection can calculate the probability of an outcome more accurately than bookmakers.

However, to build a successful betting model you will need to have a lot of statistical information and some knowledge. We can assure you that bookmakers employ many people working daily with betting models, but they also do so based on huge databases and statistics. Therefore, to be able to build a model with which to beat betting companies, you must be prepared to invest a great deal of time and effort; but if you get your model to be successful… the effort will surely have been worth it.


To build your UFABET betting model, you should start by deciding the focus of the betting model – this could be, for example, that the system concentrates on predicting the market probability of over/under (a certain number of goals) in league matches Spanish soccer. From the beginning, the most important thing will be that you set a goal and be clear about what type of bets or markets you want to specialize in with your model.

This aspect is essential, since a betting model that is too broad will take up a lot of your time, and this may translate into lower chances of success. The more specialized or tailored your plan is relative to the model, the easier it will be to develop it and make it effective.


In this second step, you will have to choose which statistics are necessary for your betting model to come to fruition. 

How far back in time will the stats you manage be based? 

This will have a decisive influence on how the last matches have gone – since when analyzing the statistics you will take more into account the recent than, for example, the results of the previous season.

If you are going to focus on the statistics of all the games played by a specific team, or only their games in a specific league or competition

How the statistics (results) can be influenced by the fact that the team loses some key piece – for example, its main goalscorer due to injury.

Since there are many aspects to consider when deciding which statistics to base the model on, it is not easy to state definitively what is right or wrong. After all, the most important thing is to establish your own guidelines and be clear about them, only then will you be able to develop an efficient and precise model.


Third, you will need to start collecting the statistics and information that will guide your betting model. A model must always be built on statistics and objective information, which is why this step is crucial. It is always better to collect more statistics than less… you will have time to filter and debug them at a later time. Logically, gathering statistical data will take some time, but it is probably the most important aspect if you want your model to end up being a success

You can decide to compile your own statistics on matches, but you must be aware that this will be a task that can take a long time. Fortunately, there are a good number of websites that provide a multitude of statistics – although in some you will be able to access the information for free, in others, you will have to pay for detailed and detailed statistics. Depending on whether your model is more or less advanced, you will need to customize your statistics search to a greater or lesser extent.


After you have collected all the necessary statistics and set clear goals for your betting model, you should also consider exceptional situations. By this we mean that there will be factors that will cause your model to be frustrated in certain matches, so you must be clear in which cases your model is useful and in which it is not. Let’s take a specific example to clarify it: let’s suppose a betting model that makes it clear that it is advantageous to bet that there will be more than 2.5 goals (3 or more) in a match between Barcelona and Atlético de Madrid, at odds of 3.0 … but the high rate may be explained by some aspect that is not included in that model; for example, that Barcelona will not count on the participation of Messi in the match.

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