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Sexual stamina isn’t something that we’re born with. It’s not a blessing (or a curse) that we can’t influence and have to live with. Instead, it’s, shall we say, a condition that you can manage to your satisfaction.

When we talk about sexual stamina, we usually talk about men who can’t last long in bed. Although that’s an issue that plagues many men, people rarely talk about it. And, by not talking about it, we perpetuate the problem. Men who don’t have impressive sexual stamina are stuck thinking that there’s nothing they can do about it.

Well, that’s not exactly true. While you shouldn’t expect miracles if you’re a 10-seconds man, you can still boost your sexual stamina and last longer in bed (both solo and with a partner). Here are some tips on how to achieve that!

  1. Be Active and Exercise

If you spend most of your day sitting at a desk, it’s time to shake things up a bit. We’re all aware of how important physical exercise is. However, it also plays a significant role when it comes to our sexual prowess. 

Being physically active and exercising regularly can help you in many ways. It keeps you fit, which means your muscles will be able to keep up during sex. Furthermore, when you exercise regularly, you’ll be in good shape. Since sex is another form of exercise, being fit is vital. 

But that’s not all. Exercising boosts the production of testosterone which, in turn, can affect not only your libido but also sexual performance.

  1. Eat Clean

There’s really no point in exercise if you ruin your results with junk food before ever seeing them. So, while you’re setting up a fitness regime for yourself, make sure you also make a diet plan you can follow.

Eating clean doesn’t mean you have to give up on all your favorite foods. However, if you’re looking to last longer in bed, make sure you eat your fruits and vegetables. 

Eating food with lots of antioxidants can improve your sexual prowess because they help improve endurance. Foods rich with potassium will lower your blood pressure, thus making it easier to get and maintain an erection, while foods with Omega-3 acids will increase your blood flow.

These foods won’t make a staggering difference on their own, but if you’re on a mission to ensure you last longer in bed, every little bit will help.

  1. More Water, More Salt

Hydration is essential for our health. Ensuring that you’re drinking enough water will help you with endurance during any physical activity (sex included). 

Your water intake is important for more than just endurance. Keeping your body hydrated means that you’ll have ample blood flow, which is vital for maintaining erections.

Although it’s a good idea that we protect our cardiovascular health by trying to salt our food as little as possible, salt isn’t inherently bad for us. That’s especially true for those of us struggling with ED. Salt is important for our organisms (because it has a role in dopamine regulation), and it can give us a necessary little boost when we need it. So, if you’re looking to perform in bed but lack steam, take a salty snack and see if it helps.

  1. Stop Smoking (And Skip That Before-Bed Drink as Well)

It’s a well-known fact that smoking is bad for us. However, you might be surprised to hear that those cigarettes you’re smoking every day might be sabotaging you in bed. 

Tobacco, as well as a bunch of bad chemicals that are inside every cigarette, can lower your libido, make it hard for you to get and maintain an erection, and decrease your endurance.

The same goes for alcohol. You might feel like a stiff drink or two will definitely help you when it comes to sexual performance because they’ll ease your anxiety. But the truth is that alcohol will only make it harder for you to perform. Alcohol affects your libido and diminishes your chances of maintaining an erection.

  1. Maintain a Healthy Sleep Schedule

The more you sleep, the higher your libido will be. What’s more, a healthy sleep schedule and a healthy sex life go hand in hand. Since we are quite relaxed after sex (and less stressed), it’s easier for us to fall asleep. What’s more, having an orgasm before going to sleep will ensure a higher sleep quality.

So, all you have to do is maintain that schedule (and quality of sleep).

  1. Do Some Stamina Training

The most important step you can take when it comes to making sure you last longer in bed is to do some stamina training. The best way to do that is with stamina training toys.

Sex toys for men offer a whole array of opportunities for you to work on your sexual prowess. You can pick any one of them and try them out to see how they affect your stamina. Of course, that’s just the first step in stamina training.

You can also use sex toys to practice delaying your orgasm, for example. If you’re trigger-happy, you can edge yourself with toys and practice some techniques that will allow you to last longer in bed. 

It’s vital that you explore your own body and all the ways you can receive (and give pleasure). Using sex toys in that manner will allow you to gain more confidence and learn a few tricks along the way. 

Alternatively, some sex aids, such as penis pumps, can help you if you’re having issues with getting or maintaining an erection. There are whole penis pumps training regimes out there that will help you go from a poor performer to a beast in bed in no time at all. 

Of course, no toy is a miracle solution. But when it comes to stamina training, sex toys will be your biggest assets.

  1. Build Up Your Confidence

We already mentioned this, but it’s vital that you work on your confidence. Many men suffer from performance anxiety, especially if they have a new partner. 

The pressure to perform well, maintain an erection, and satisfy your partner is huge, and all men deal with it. And when you go into a situation already fearing a poor outcome, you’re entering into a self-fulfilling prophecy.

That’s why it’s important to boost your confidence before you have sex. Feeling good about yourself can help you perform better sexually.

  1. Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor

Although we already mentioned that physical exercise is vital for building up your stamina, we also have to note that doing pelvic floor exercises can also help you. 

If you think these exercises (also known as Kegels) are only for the ladies, think again. Having a strong and healthy pelvic floor is vital for ejaculation control. And, if you can control when you finish (or, better said, when not to finish), you’ll essentially have full control over your stamina and endurance. 

  1. Switch Up Your Foreplay Habits

If it ever happens to you that you lose an erection during sex, don’t worry; you’re not alone. The strength of an erection can fluctuate during intercourse. That’s completely normal. However, some men have trouble getting back in the saddle, so to speak. Due to performance anxiety or other sexual dysfunctions, they have trouble getting another erection (or maintaining the one they have).

If that happens to you, you can give yourself a bit of a break by switching to foreplay. Look, no one said that all sexual experiences have to follow the same script. If you feel like you’re starting to lose your erection, switch to another activity. Slow things down and give your penis some time to catch up to your desires.

  1. Try a New Position (Or Just Find the Right One)

If you have a steady partner, you probably already know which positions are your favorite. That can be both a blessing and a curse. If you find yourself getting too comfortable with a specific position (meaning, you finish way too quickly in it), switch things up. 

Discuss other positions and options with your partner and find one (or a few) that is comfortable for both of you. 

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