Everything to Know About How to become a Freelancer

Everything to Know About How to become a Freelancer

September 20, 2018 3 By Shweta Pandey

The Internet is an expanding space, and it’s leading to the rise of multiple money-making opportunities. With increased awareness, millions of people have become interested in online means to earn a livelihood. In order to be more aware of this trending cult, people are googling questions like ‘How to become a Freelancer’ or ‘How to work on Freelancer?’.

Freelancing can be pursued as a full-time or a part-time profession. It is a profession which is taken up by people who wish to be their own boss. A Freelancer is a Self-employed Individual who doesn’t work for not just one firm, but multiple firms at a time by logging into various freelance websites. It gives them an opportunity to work and earn as per their preference.

How is Freelancing Beneficial?

Freelancing is a beneficial profession which has convinced millions of people to forego their traditional job and opt for Freelancing as a full-time job. It is beneficial for the ones who are getting hired and the ones who are hiring as well.

First of all, a Freelancer is at the liberty to choose their workplace. Mostly, they work from home which saves their time and the cost of travelling. It gives the chance to maintain a work-life balance. One can pick the work of their own choice and fix the working hours as well. On the basis of requirement, the volume of work can be increased/decreased. Carving out a comfortable life from Freelancing is not a very difficult thing.

The Profession of Freelancing is like an open door, it provides opportunity to all. If you possess any marketable skill, you are eligible to become a Freelancer.

Why to become a freelancer?

There are several reasons to start freelancing:

  1. Freelancing gives space to your personal life, the work-life can be easily balanced. No boss is there to order, the freelancer is the boss himself.
  2. It gives an opportunity to those who have left their job to take care of the households.
  3. The Schedule is flexible and can be easily moulded according to the need of thehour.
  4. One can follow their passion and interest without missing out on the monetary aspect. Without your creativity being compromised, a freelancer can follow their heart.
  5. Your office is where you are. You do not need to commute everyday to your workstation and work for a fixed period of time.
  6. As a freelancer, you get the opportunity to negotiate with the clients directly. Along with honing your skills, you enhance your business and managerial skills. You establish a brand of your own.
  7. Network building also takes place online. Mostly, you are not required to meet clients, everything takes place on the Freelance wesbites.

What Kind of Work Do Freelancers Do?

When you are finding out how to become a freelancer, make sure you have skillset that is in-demand.Freelancers get the liberty to do work of their choice. They can deal in any kind of skill that they excel. The skill has to be intangible. Mutiple freelance wesbites provide the opportunity to sell your skill. Go through the list given below to get an idea of the work that can be freelanced:

  • Content writing
  • Content marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Digital marketing
  • Graphic designing
  • Website designing
  • Freelance Photographers
  • Song writing
  • Web development
  • Translation and transcription
  • Machine learning
  • Coding and programming
  • Accounting
  • Legal assistance and counselling
  • Mobile app development


How do you find freelance work?

Setting up freelance business is like any general business. Ivensting time and hard work is necessary. The only difference lies in the fact that there is no risk and no investment of money involved. One can begin with a freelance business by registering on freelance websites like:

how to become a freelancer

  • Freelancer

  • Fiverr

  • Peopleperhour

  • Upwork

  • Elance

  • Behance

Freelancer and Fiverr are two of the most recognized and versatile freelance wesbites.

Steps to ‘how to work on Freelancer’:

  1. Once you have determined your skill and you are ready to utilize it, register yourself on any of the Freelance Websites in the list given above.
  2. Once you have registered yourself, fill your details accurately and mention your skills.
  3. Try finding projects that match your skill. Read the description of the projects properly and decide if you are capable enough of taking that project. If it’s in your capacity, accept it, otherwise leave it because you do not want low ratings.
  4. Start your work with a dummy project. Instead of beginning by placing a bid, implement that project on your own. This will be done in order to test your skills, boost up your confidence and add to your portfolio.
  5. Now when you are confident about your skills, you can start with taking up projects. Keep on applying for projects.
  6. Once your market starts to flourish, you will get more and more clients. However, initially it will be difficult to get clients. Don’t lose hope keep on working.
  7. To become a freelancer does not mean to have a loosely structured routine with no discipline. A proper schedule is a must to become a successful freelancer. Fix your work and time. Being a freelancer doesn’t mean less of effort, instead it requires more.
  8. Execute your projects with efficiency and perfection. Make sure that your client leaves a good remark and good ratings because you’re upcoming projects depend on these ratings. Your potential buyers will look up to your ratings to make a decision about the hiring. This is everything about how to work on Freelancer.

NOTE: Freelancing does not mean working voluntarily out of boredom and free time. It is not as fancy as it sounds. It is a job that requires utmost diligence and willingness.



Freelancing is a business of trading skills. The question How to work on Freelancer or How to become a Freelancer comes later, the very first query must be ‘How to acquire good skills’. Before landing up on the best Freelancing wesbites, make sure you have skills enough to execute orders. Whatever skill that you own must be perfect to be marketed. To be able to be a freelancer in the long run, don’t forget to polish your skills and attain perfection.


how to become a freelancer

Networking is a necessity when it comes to how to work on Freelancer and it is the key to the business of freelancing. Freelancers must widen their outreach to get more work and recognition on freelance wesbites and other platforms. Make sure you establish your identity in every way possible and let others know that you are a freelancer. Make sure to tell your clients to provide you a feedback, this is a great way of enhancing your profile and enhancing your connectivity.


how to become a freelancer

If you want to know ‘How to become a freelancer’, you must learn about ‘How to be build a brand’ for yourself. The field of  freelancing can be very prosperous if you establish your identity properly. Establishing yourself as a freelancer is like establishing a new brand. Advertising is a must in order establish your presence amongst your potential clients in every possible manner. The best way is to highlight this very fact by being active on social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Qoura etc.


‘A freelancer is An One Man Army.’

He / she has to be multitasking. The Freelancer must acquire skills like accounting and marketing. If a freelancer has to outsource from other freelancer, utility will be nullified.

Like Freelancer, rest of the freelance websites work on the similar pattern. You can choose any of the freelancing websites as they are currently the best freelancing websites available in the market.

How to keep up in the long run?

Once you have learnt about how to become a freelancer, established yourself as a freelancer on the freelance websites and learnt about how to work on freelancer, you have already seeded your own brand name. Keep working diligently and you will see the results. Your career will see a hike. Do not lose your enthusiasm when your business has started to flourish. Keep your hard work constant and see yourself growing as a successful Freelancer. Now, you will not have to run behind every project, you can take the liberty to be choosy about your projects.

Drawbacks of freelancing:

  • It can take time to build a full-time income.
  • Work, and therefore income, can be irregular.
  • Managing multiple clients and projects requires excellent organization.
  • Pay for new freelancers are often low.
  • Profile building on Freelance websites is a tedious task.

Some Tips and Tricks on how to become a  Freelancer:

  • All lowest bidders are not the best freelancers, thats the rule of how to work on Freelancer or other freelance websites. On Freelance websites, employers are not always impressed by the lowest price, instant they require the best of the service with a reasonable price. Therefore, do not keep your prices very low but do not keep them too high as well.
  • Estimate the time span of delivery mindfully. For a simple project, you can take a day or two. But for a complex one, choose the date of delivery wisely. Do not give a date which is not feasible for you. In a hassle to grasp the project, you might lose your credibility. Being patient and diligent is the primary rule of how to become a  Freelancer.
  • Prepare a compelling bid for your clients on the freelance websites. Always put a unique factor that compares the employer to hire you. In your bid, make sure you stand out. Ensure how you fully understand the project and how perfectly you will execute the assigned task. A generic bid will not work, creativity is the key.
  • Mention all your terms and conditions before taking out the job. Clearly mention the necessary things like the payment terms and the timeline. It will reduce the possibility of disputes. Commumnication is the key to eradicate the possibilties of disputes and overcome the how-to-become-a-freelancer Problems.

That was everything you need to keep in mind when you really wish to know about how to become a freelancer. This was the complete guide on how to work on freelancer or any other freelance wesbites.

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