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While blinds obviously won’t last forever, it can be difficult to determine just how frequently your blinds should be replaced. Ultimately, that will vary based on your needs and preferences. These are a few of the factors that you should take into consideration if you’re thinking about blind replacement.

When do Do Blinds need to Be Replaced?

People choose to replace blinds for many different reasons, including the condition of the blinds, their overall level of quality, their style, and their functionality. If you are in Hampshire then see blinds in Hampshire.

If blinds aren’t properly cared for, they can be damaged, which can lead to replacement. Blinds have many different working parts, and even a minor issue can lead to problems. If you want to increase the lifespan of your blinds, you’ll need to protect them against exposure to potentially damaging elements and give them the care that they require.

If you clean your blinds on a regular basis, you can keep dirt, dust, and other types of debris from accumulating. If these substances aren’t taken care of, they could potentially work their way into the operating systems of the blinds. It’s also important to use your blinds on a consistent basis. Otherwise, the mechanisms on the blinds could stick or become stiff.

You’ll also want to look at the appearance of your blinds. If your blinds are still in good working order, you shouldn’t feel obligated to upgrade them. However, if you feel that your current blinds look dated, or if you’d simply prefer a new look, you’ll find blinds available in a wide range of styles and colours.

How Often Do Blinds Need to Be Replaced?

High-quality blinds that are made to measure can last for quite a while. In most cases, people opt to replace blinds every seven to eight years. If cared for properly, blinds can last for even longer.

Mass-produced blinds, on the other hand, will typically need to be replaced before this. Even if these blinds are cared for, it’s likely that they’ll show signs of damage within a few years, requiring you to replace your old blinds with something new.

What Are the Main Reasons People Replace Blinds?

People choose to replace blinds for many different reasons. Some of the signs your blinds might be due for replacement include:

Issues with the safety or functionality of the blinds – There are a number of problems that could impact the overall function of your blinds or raise a safety concern. If these issues crop up, you’ll want to have your blinds repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

A lack of child safety – Any new blinds sold by a UK retailer must comply with current child safety standards. As long as you’re purchasing new blinds from a reputable retailer and those blinds are properly fitted, your blinds should be child-safe.

With that said, if you have older blinds, or if you’re not sure where your blinds were purchased, it’s possible that they’re not in line with these standards. The current standards were updated in 2014. If the blinds you own were purchased prior to this, you’ll need to check to confirm that they are child-safe. If they don’t meet current standards, you may want to replace them with a new, child-safe model.

Another option is to have your blinds altered so that they meet the current standards. This is often easy to do. Typically, measures need to be taken to make sure the blind’s cords are secured. The cord will require a breakaway feature, and it may need to be cut to a specific length as well.


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