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The gelcoat is the outermost layer of a boat that provides protection from the water. It is sometimes combined with polyurethane to create a high-performance coating that can be easily polished or waxed. But gelcoats come with many drawbacks, such as being affected by heat, friction, and UV rays; discoloration; splitting; and premature wear. So, new technologies have to be engineered to provide an alternative that can protect boats from their harsh environment.

Nano Ceramic Coatings: Nano means “small”, small meanwhile is a vague description, nano coating is a large scale marketplace in the marine industry. The term nano technology is commonly used to refer to any process that has features and benefits on the nanometer scale level. For example, nano coating refers to any coating that has fewer than 100nm thickness. But before you blindly think about this technology, let’s get some facts about nanotechnology and its future in various industries.

Significance of Nano Ceramic Coatings:

1) Nano coating is more durable than gelcoats (that are prone to wear and tear) and other types of coatings.

2) Nano coating provides superior protection against UV rays, saltwater, alkaline environment etc.

3) Nano coating is more efficient in terms of heat shielding and can maintain the boat’s temperature at a lower level.

4) Nano coatings are less expensive than gelcoats and provide superior overall performance.

What is Nanotechnology:

Nanotechnology as a new emerging science involves the manipulation of matter by making it small or very small relative to the conventional scale (1 nm to 1 mm). This technology has been used for various purposes such as seeing, sound, cure illnesses etc. Nano coating refers to a coating technology that uses nanoparticles in order to enhance the quality of a product. The term Nano is derived from the greek word which means dwarf. In simple words, it can be defined as a tiny material or artifact. It is also known as nanofabrication and nanochemistry. In 2000, there was a rapid growth of nanotechnology in almost all industries. The two terms nano technology and nanotechnology are sometimes used interchangeably but their individual differences are significant:

Nanotechnology is a broader term that includes all applications with specific characteristics

Nano Technology has characteristics that are based on the size which means the applications made using small particles less than 100 nm (1 micron).

How Nano Ceramic Coatings Promise The Ultimate Gelcoat Protection?

Nano Boat Ceramic Coatings are used to enhance the properties of a boat’s gelcoat. This surface treatment is also known for its ability to prevent corrosion, oxidation and allows easy cleaning. Nano ceramic coatings can be applied on fiberglass, metal and wood surfaces such as floors, walls and countertops.

Nano coating works by layering the ceramic particles (usually aluminum oxide or silicon carbide) with a thermally activated bonding process that makes it impossible for water and moisture to seep through this coating. The technology used in applying these coatings is extremely expensive and complex but it is worth it because they provide superior results when compared to other types of coatings.


Although, boat owners feel that the gelcoat coating technology offers superior protection against harsh marine environments, they should still be careful as damaged gelcoats can quickly erode or even chip off. So, if you want to protect your boat and company’s reputation, it is better to opt for nano coating.

The nano coating technology can be used on various surfaces and is not just limited to the plastic or fiberglass surface and the hull of a boat. The different applications include cars, aeroplanes, buildings, roads etc. This technology will also do well in the medical industry as it has been proved that these coatings offer superior durability and outperform other nanotechnology products. So, if you own or run a marine business that requires effective gelcoat protection in order to avoid corrosion, oxidation and improve overall surface quality, opt for nano coating for superior surface protection.

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