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Pool Resurfacing Cost

If you have an above-ground pool, chances are it’s seen better days. That’s because most above-ground pools start to show wear and tear after about three or four years of use, which can be dangerous if the chemicals aren’t in the right balance and the surface isn’t smooth and clean. Luckily, resurfacing your pool before it becomes too dangerous.

What is pool resurfacing?

If you have a swimming pool that has lost its original luster, it might be time to consider pool resurfacing. There are several types of services to choose from when your pool needs repairs. One option is a process called pool resurfacing. Before deciding on what type of repair service to use, it’s important to understand what factors affect pool resurfacing costs.

Pools need resurfacing every five years

If you need to resurface your pool, it will typically cost between $3 and $5 per square foot. That’s one reason why most people wait a little longer than five years to have their surface resanded. Most pool surfaces last around 10 years before they begin to show signs of wear and tear. The process of resurfacing a swimming pool is relatively straightforward; however, if you don’t know what you’re doing, there are safety risks that come with working with chemicals, electricity, and construction equipment. To avoid these potential pitfalls and keep costs down in general, hire a local pool repair service.

Call your local pool supply company

The first step to getting a ballpark estimate is to call your local pool supply store. Tell them you’re looking into having your above-ground pool resurfaced and ask for a rough price range. They may also be able to give you more information on how long it will take, what they use in their resurfacing process and anything else you need. If they don’t have experience with resurfacing above-ground pools, contact other local companies and ask them if they have any recommendations. The advantage of calling around instead of trying to find estimates online is that these companies are in your area and understand regional costs better than someone selling something over the internet.

What are you getting with pool resurfacing?

It’s important to note that pool resurfacing isn’t just a cosmetic repair. It involves replacing everything, including your filter, pump, and plumbing. After all, if you don’t change those things, it won’t matter how nice your pool looks—it will be impossible to use safely. The size of your pool (in gallons), how much it holds (in cubic feet), and how old it is are all important factors in pricing. And remember: You might get a lower price up front, but often what you pay for is labor costs—and cheaper labor means corners being cut in terms of materials used as well as performance down the road. Get More Tips From Limited News

How do you get good results?

When resurfacing a pool, you want to be sure you have a solid estimate of how much time and money it will take. With resurfacing, one of your biggest expenses is labor costs. Time estimates can vary depending on your experience level. You’ll also need to ensure that your power source—whether it’s an outdoor outlet or generator—is set up correctly and safe for use with chemicals. Be aware that if your old liner is contaminated with debris like tree roots or dirt, you might need to cut away parts of it before bringing in new materials; otherwise, you could spread contamination throughout your pool during resurfacing.

What will it cost?

To find out what it’ll cost to have your pool resurfaced, you need to talk with a professional. You’ll have to consider a few things, like whether or not you want to replace certain parts of your pool. The type of pool surface you decide on is also important: fiberglass pools can be resurfaced; vinyl and gunite pools cannot. Once you know how much work needs to be done, get several quotes for your resurfacing project and choose an estimate that suits your budget. Keep in mind that most businesses will provide a written estimate rather than a verbal one. Don’t have a pool yet? Read about backyard pool ideas for small budgets.


The good news is that resurfacing is a very affordable option. You can have a completely smooth and sleek pool in just one day. A resurfaced pool costs around $15 per square foot and comes with a ten-year warranty on labor and materials. With your resounding vote of confidence, I’ll contact my preferred resurfacer to schedule an appointment.

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