Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023
Travel Bags

Any man that’s traveling can style his bag to make it stand out from those of fellow travellers. If you look at luggage bags as they are being scanned today, you will realize that a majority of them are black in color and the bags are almost of similar size. Before you embark on a journey, you can personalize your travel bag so that it stands out from the crowd. You can style your travel bags no matter where you are traveling to.

Here are some of the best male bags styling methods that you can try.

1. Buy colorful luggage

This is the easiest way for any man to find his luggage from a pool of many bags while traveling. Travel with a valise that is bright enough to be spotted easily, and which is also incredibly stylish. There are many colors that you can choose, and depending on your interest, you can go beyond the popular neutrals and go for the screaming bold colors that can hardly be mistaken. For the men who prefer to have a personalized touch, they can opt to add a monogram. Fortunately, there are 20+ fonts’ colors that your monogram can use.

2. Wear a bright luggage tag

A bright luggage tag is smaller but makes a bold statement. This is normally an easy fix and there are instances where you may find them as souvenirs during your trips. This small tag also ensures that your name, contact details, and other important information are displayed. This helps to ensure that your luggage can be found with ease in case it gets lost.

3. Use a luggage belt

A luggage belt can be strapped around your bag, and this affordable travel accessory adds a splash of color and personalization to every piece which holds each of your stuff together especially if you overpack. Some of these belts have decorative pictures such as maps and other interesting images.

4. Use decorative stickers

Add some decorative stickers into your luggage and you will make your travel bags unique. These stickers have superior and high-quality glue that holds them to the travel bag and may be composed of letters, special editions, travel themes, and more.

5. Stick decorative tape on your travel bag

A decorative tape works better for any male traveler who wants to personify his luggage but lacks enough time to do that. A heavy-duty tape works better on handles and side pockets. There are many options, so choose most revealing swimsuits of all time that can help make your luggage stand out.


You can employ various male bag styling techniques when traveling and make your luggage stand out from the rest. You can help locate your luggage quickly from a group of travel bags especially when you are at the airport. If there are numerous similar bags, confusion may occur, and this may create unnecessary problems.

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