Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023

When we are travelling, we can easily toss our luggage to the provided storage space effortlessly without thinking about the strategic designs that have helped in making traveling quite easy. Thanks to superior innovations that were implemented some years ago, we can now move around without having second thoughts about our bags. The type of bags that we use for travel today has become more of a companion, and no longer a bulky nuisance that we had become used to some years back.

The history of luggages can be traced back to more than three decades ago, a Northwest Airlines pilot retired from his job and embarked on a new challenge of transforming the luggage that we see in the market today. With a few tweaks, Plath, who had worked as a pilot for many years added some creative elements into the luggage bags that were being used those days and the result is something that the travel industry will never forget.

When did luggage start getting wheels?

The very first rolling suitcase was invented 5decades ago by Bernard D. Sadow. This design helped to ensure that passengers were no longer carrying their heavy luggage by the handle. The rolling luggage made it incredibly easier for the users. Sadow patented this new technology in 1972. No matter how heavy the luggage was, it could easily be pulled around the airport using a strap. By that time, it was a real revolution that got a massive reception from regular travelers and others who needed to travel effortlessly with their luggage.

The rise in popularity of rolling luggage

Rolling luggage gained massive popularity when Macy’s bought some stock from the manufacturer and ran a marketing campaign, calling this incredible invention the luggage that glides. But there was a problem with the design since there were several flaws, which could make the luggage tip and at times bump on the carrier’s ankles. These annoyances were considered to be minor and could not bother the regular traveler.

The Rollaboard luggage

After the first prototype of rolling luggage by Sudow, Robert Plath came up with a vertical suitcase that has two wheels that have been installed at the base.

Also, a retractable handle was added at the top side of the vertical suitcase. This design attracted everybody, and the first group of people to appreciate this design is the cabin crew.  This luggage design became a hit and received incredible inquiries and sales from all over the world. Robert Plath retired as an airline pilot and incorporated TravelPro, a company that availed Rollaboard to mainstream travelers.

The rolling suitcase of today

The Rollaboard had ripple effects in the 1990s and this caused an increase in the demand for luggage. This also revived the industry and caused a total reconfiguration and new designs came up. While duffle bags and spinner luggage are quite popular today, the two-wheeler Rollaboard luggage that Plath designed more than three decades ago is still the preferred luggage by many people.


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