Sun. Sep 24th, 2023
Ronald Trautman

As more and more companies compete for the same search engine ranking space, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practices have become more important than ever.

Chief among all techniques used by SEO companies is that of backlinking. Backlinks are links placed on other trustworthy websites that refer back to the website you’re trying to promote.

In this way, search engines like Google can more accurately rate the authority of a given website by understanding how many other websites are referring to it as a trustworthy source of information.

For that reason, building up steady backlinks across a range of blogs, websites, and user-generated listings is essential.

Of course, a top business listing site like is a fantastic place to list a business in order to increase visibility and enhance promotion, and should be your first port of call.

Understanding how backlinks are built on top of this can also provide a fantastic multi-pronged approach to help you raise your search ranking authority and ultimate listing.

But how are backlinks built?

Often, they are aided by essential business listing sites as per the one we have already mentioned. Some SEO companies will also provide services such as ‘blogger outreach’ in which they submit professionally-written articles to already existing blogs that public solid content regularly.

This way, a stealthy link provided in the article as part of a client reference can help add a backlink with value-added information, meaning that this marketing strategy is in no way detectable as spam – because it isn’t in the first place.

A fairly consistent regimen of doing this upon a range of blogs and other websites can provide increasing backlinking authority which Google’s algorithm will then calculate and use to determine your search ranking.

I understand, but how long should I wait to see results?

Of course, being hosted on a business listing website is immediate and can provide visible access to the brand you’re trying to promote.

Using the backlink-only method, however, can take a little more time. As backlinks need to be around for a little while in order for them to count towards the final calculated outcome of a website’s search ranking, Google’s algorithm prefers a somewhat semi-permanent backlink than a quick reference on an article that may be deleted.

When an page is indexed as part of Google’s directory, it will then begin to show the page in its search results, and then the backlink will be detected and indexed on top of that. After waiting a little while, the backlink will take effect.

For this reason, they can take an average of around 10 weeks to finally contribute towards your search ranking. This is ten weeks in which you can consistently, but carefully build up your backlinking authority as necessary.

This will help contribute to the Domain Authority (DA) of your website, which will then ultimately raise you in the local search rankings after the appropriate search terms are entered.

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