How is the Obesity Surgery Method Decided?

How is the Obesity Surgery Method Decided?

March 28, 2021 0 By Rahul Pandey

The decision of which stomach reduction surgery will perform on the patient is entirely related to the surgical team’s decision and a series of features belonging to the patient. While sleeve gastrectomy is preferred primarily in most patients, rarely the first surgery option may be the ‘ bypass ‘ attempt. Some overweight patients can lose even a little weight with a gastric balloon or special diets before surgery. In the first interview and examination of the patients who applied to Acıbadem Obesity Department, ‘Does the patient have diabetes and is in advanced stage?’, ‘How many years and what dose of insulin has been used?’ Some factors are taking into account, such as. 

For this reason, psychologists and dieticians also include in the bariatric surgery teams. At the decision stage, the method of Obesity surgery turkey is deciding to evaluate experts from different branches.

How Are Patients Evaluated Before Obesity Surgery?

General Surgery Specialist Prof. Dr. Mehmet Ali Yerdel answers questions on “bariatric surgery.”

Gastric bypass Turkey

Gastric Bypass turkey surgery is possibly the most widely recognized sort of bariatric medical procedure that joins prohibitive and malabsorptive systems. In fact, during this technique, a petite pocket is made to recoil the stomach, and a specific fragment of the small digestive tract is raised and associated with this bit of pocket.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery

In this gastric sleeve turkey surgical method, 75% – 80% of the stomach is removing, and a new stomach section similar to a tube shape creates. Each person’s stomach size is different, but the total volume of a normal stomach does not exceed 1.5 liters. You can reduce this volume up to 150 ml during the sleeve gastrectomy. Thus, it ensures that patients consume less food, and weight reduction is supported—a feeling of satiety provided with small portions. You can significantly suppress the feeling of hunger by removing the Fundus stomach area, which contains appetite hormones. Thus, it has ensured that patients struggling with obesity consume less food, get less hungry, and consume less food.

Robotic Surgery

If the general surgeon recommends an operation for weight control, this may mean that the person may be a candidate for obesity surgeries performed with robotic surgery. The procedure performed with the robot ‘ da Vinci ‘ has been defined as ‘robot-assisted laparoscopy surgery. With the da Vinci robot, the specialist can intervene in the patient as desired with tiny incisions. You can perform many operations on morbidly obese patients with the robotic surgery method used in many fields of medicine, from urology to cardiac surgery, from gynecology to general surgery.

What is the Stomach Cuff Method?

In this method, an inflatable band is attached to the stomach inlet laparoscopically. The gastric banding method is applying to people with obesity problems today, other stomach reduction surgeries. This method restricts food intake and provides weight loss. However, appetite never decreases, and you may encounter various problems during long-term follow-up. Besides, according to scientific studies, the tapes attached cause some severe complications up to 40% in the long term, so they need to be removed.

Stomach Balloon

The gastric inflatable isn’t a system that eliminates sullen stoutness or an option compared to corpulence medical procedure. Stomach swell It isn’t a belly decrease, a medical procedure strategy; that is, no medical procedure is acting in this application. The gastric inflatable technique utilizes weight reduction before a medical procedure in considerable overweight patients getting ready for dreary corpulence medical procedure. Additionally, it may be applying as a helper technique, but infrequently, in patients who are marginally overweight and not acknowledged for a medical procedure.

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