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How is solving CSIR NET Question Papers beneficial? Who prepares the CSIR NET Question Papers?

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Competitive examinations are quite tough, unlike the school or college examinations. Moreover, not everyone can get high scores in the examination, nor everyone wants to score less in the examination. 

Due to this reason, what you can do is opt for solving the previous year’s question papers and the mock test exam papers. These are extremely beneficial and useful for those who face issues while preparing for the exams or are not sure about the examinations. Here are some of the reasons behind solving CSIR NET question papers.

Practice makes perfect

If you want to be prepared for the examinations, it is important to be prepared with all the topics. Therefore, make sure that you are covering the topics included in your curriculum. Once you are done with your studies, you have to give time to revise all the topics. Look for previous year’s CSIR NET question papers at BYJU’s Exam Prep, since it is useful in evaluating the performance. Moreover, you will be able to check where you are lagging and the topics in which you are weak. As a result, it will become easy for you to prepare for the upcoming exam.

Help in managing time efficiently

When preparing for the competitive examinations, it is extremely important to plan for efficient time management. All you can do is solve the previous year’s CSIR NET question papers. Solving these help students in evaluating the proper way of writing all the correct answers at the time of examination. Besides, it is also useful in developing time management skills, which will eventually help you clear all the D-Day questions. Hence, make solving question papers compulsory if you want to clear CSIR NET in one go.

Help in making you confident

Confidence is the key to gaining success, and solving the CSIR NET question papers at BYJU’s Exam Prep, no doubt helps get a clear idea about the paper pattern and the question types. On top of that, you will get a clear idea of the examination pattern as well as the allotted marks for every section. Keep solving mock papers and the previous year’s question once you complete the syllabus. It will automatically help you become familiar with the paper pattern and the type. You will notice that your confidence level is automatically increasing.

You can plan your studies accordingly.

Lastly, once you start solving the CSIR NET question papers, you will automatically be able to figure out the strengths as well as weaknesses. So, it will become easy for you to improve those areas. It will eventually help you to prepare for any expected difficulties in the examination. Moreover, it will become easy for you to plan your studies accordingly, which is extremely vital when it comes to preparing for competitive examinations like CSIR NET.

Who sets the CSIR NET exam questions?

The National Testing Agency provides the CSIR NET question papers. You can get the papers online on the official website. However, you have to wait for the examination to be over to get the questions. 

Question pattern for the CSIR NET exam

The question pattern for the examination is quite simple. Each paper consists of 120 questions of 200 marks. Furthermore, the entire question paper is divided into three different sections, A, B, and C. Part A consists of general aptitude questions. However, part B and C consists of subject-specific questions. Every section consists of different question sets.

Mainly five subjects are covered in the examination- Chemical Science, Life Science, Mathematical Science, Physical Science, and Earth Science. Candidates are allotted three hours to complete their respective papers. 

  • Chemical Science

Candidates have to answer questions as per parts A, B, and C. Part A contains 20 questions, Part B contains 40 questions, and Part C contains 60 questions. Students have to attempt 15, 35, and 25 questions, respectively. You have to keep in mind that parts A, B, and C carry 2, 2, and 4 marks, respectively. Also, a negative marking is also there.

  • Earth Science

In the Earth Science section, candidates have to answer a maximum of 15, 35, and 25 questions. There will be a total of 20, 50, and 80 questions in parts A, B, and C, respectively. Every question comes with four alternatives. Part A and B carry two marks each, and for every wrong answer, there is a negative marking of 0.5. Part C contains questions carrying four marks. However, the incorrect questions cost you 1.32 marks.

  • Life Science

When it comes to Life Science, parts A, B, and C come with 20, 50, and 75 questions. Out of all the questions, students have to answer any 15, 35, and 25 questions, respectively. You will get four alternatives for every question, and you have to answer anyone. The questions Part A, B, and C, will be having 2 and 4 marks. You will get a negative marking of almost 25%.

  • Mathematical Science

Students will get 20, 40, and 60 questions in parts A, B, and C about the mathematical science paper. But, they have to attempt only 15, 25, and 20 questions from each section.  Every question will have only four alternatives, and students only have to answer one correct one from parts A and B. However, from section C, you might have to answer more than one.

  • Physical Science

You will get 20, 25, and 30 questions respectively in parts A, B, and C. Out of all the questions, you only have to answer 15, 20, and 20 questions. You will get four alternatives against each question. You will get almost 25% of negative marking in each section when it comes to negative marking.

Hence, these are some of the things you should know about practicing question papers for CSIR NET and the governing body responsible for setting question papers.

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