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if you wonder how to become successful and if you wonder how successful people think. Over the time I have read so many books and articles by highly successful people. Today I’m gonna share with you exactly how they think. To become successful I think the very first thing you have to understand is this that successful people think very differently from the rest of the society because most of the society the general public they are not successful. So the way that highly successful people think the way that they view things are very very different and today I want to share with you just some of the distinction, some of the powerful distinctions that how incredibly successful people think so you can start today making some good decisions. I could probably spend a couple of hours just talking about all the little distinctions but today I want to give you three major ones here .

 1.They think long term

One long time ago there was a highly successful,one of the wealthiest businessmen in Vancouver and I think he was worth about half a billion dollars about 500 million dollars .he was I think 52 years old and as he was talking about like what lessons he learned in his career and you know what is this about Jenna at the economy and about his businesses vision and  you gotta understand it’s this person this businessman is worth half a billion dollars at 52 years old he’s done a lot of different things and he was so excited all he could talk about is hisvision what he’s gonna build that the legacy and and he’s like it’s incredible although it’s 52 years old and he’s as excited as a little kid and he was sharing his vision for the next 50 years he was talking about after he’s gone how he wanted his succession and how he wants to make sure the company keeps running how its gonna donate to charities like the legacy and its foundations he’s gonna support and all these things and so excited and I was like wow a highly successful guy talking about his vision but he is 52 years old he’s talking about like a hundred years like when he lists until 100 years old or if he passed away what’s gonna happen and I’ll never forget that and that’s the very first thing that I noticed successful people they think long term they’re more successful because they think long term .I’ll give you a perfect sample look at someone who was a homeless person how far did he think they probably only focus on the next meal “where am I gonna get my next meal ?” ,“where am I gonna get that deaf ?” .You leave me to change an employee a typical or maybe someone who works in more like a manual labor kind of job right they’re thinking about “when am I gonna get my check in two weeks ?” .They think as far as two weeks a little bit better employee would’ve been thinking about monthly “what I’m gonna do?” , “where am I gonna get paid ?”, “how much am I gonna get

paid ?” they’re thinking about what they need to focus on ,on a month-to-month basis right well “how do I do enough so I don’t get fired ?” that’s not a good fucking attitude by the way that was sure we get you fired or a manager of a corporation they think about quarterly right “what’s my quarterly benchmark ?” , “what are some of the quarter I need to meet ?”, “what’s the goal ? what’s the Objective ?”. An entrepreneur a good entrepreneur might think about a year out right in young one year “what’s the months of one of my goals ?”, “what I want to accomplished in one year ?” ,so they think long term . They believe in the concept of DIG (daily income goal) .So successful people they think long-term not short-term .

2.They Think Accurately

 I believe that successful people ,they think accurately one of the most powerful principles in Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill nobody talks about it but it’s accurate thinking. accurate thinking it means that they look at things as the way it is, not worse than it is, not better than it is .It is unsuccessful people it’s all fear often they have they are overly optimistic or they have an illusion or think oh it’s gonna work out yeah man I have no business acumen I’m going to start this business and you know within 21 days I’m gonna be Wrecking in twenty thousand a month although I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing that’s no ,that’s being a fucking idiot that’s what it is that’s overly optimistic .what I notice is successful people they think actually. I think most of them are described as what I call a realistic optimist they have an optimistic view of what they’re gonna do they believe in what they do, they believe in the product and services they deliver ,but they are also realistic ,then “look at you ,know what these are ?” . “this way I’m in ”, “This is where I want to Go ?”. “what are some of the obstacles in Between ?” The three questions are always like to ask themselves it’s in their office , home or in front of them. They constantly ask Themselves. “Not everything is gonna work out perfectly or not everything is gonna work exactly the way I planned”. They’ll fucking ask three question’s all the time 1.“what could go wrong?”.   2.“what don’t I know ?”.                                     and 3. “what don’t I see ?”. So what could go wrong what don’t I know what don’t I see those three powerful questions something I want you to think about . it’s not about being negative it’s about being realistic ,being a realistic optimist knowing your downside because if you can think of all the downside all this stuff that could go wrong and if you have a plan for it and you know if those things come up and how you gonna handle it then you are okay there. Your chance of success of that particular project it’s a lot higher does that make sense you with me so that’s the second thing successful people to think accurately.


3.They Think People

I noticed unsuccessful people they are very very selfish they only think about themselves what am I gonna get right it’s always a very kind of win-loose mentality especially people desperate for money and that’s why successful people like to do business with successful people because they know that the success that deal yes or no is not gonna affect their lifestyle so they don’t have that needy energy you know what I’m talking about. Who are needy they have that desperate needy energy and you know what, needy is fucking creepy and that’s why successful people hope you’re like. Deal with successful people they know the deal mentality they know you have more of abundance mindset and chances are you might not necessary  know step, fuck them over all over a little bit of money right because no fucking bank has ever been robbed by someone pulling up in a limousine, never it just doesn’t happen okay. Successful will think about people ,they think about their customers ,they think about their employees ,they think about their mentors ,they think about how can they deliver more value in the marketplace ,that’s the reason why they’re successful in the first fucking place .you think about how can I communicate in a way that the marketplace would understand ,what I’m saying they don’t think about here’s what I want to do. he’s white on a cell I’m going to shovel this down their throat fuck that shit it doesn’t work they took themselves out of the picture and say they think about people. what do you think about other people guess what, it’s easy because now they support you they want you to be successful they want to support you on your journey I think that’s very critical people out their long time they talk about self-made, I’m a self-made woman I’m a self-made millionaire. I don’t believe there’s such a thing as a self-made millionaire every single  millionaire that I know they all are team made. without their team they’re nothing .It’s about leadership so those are the three ways I think successful people think differently from unsuccessful people. Comment below your Thoughts.

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