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It is essential to meet with the moving company you will hire to make your change of address. San Antiono Moving Company website states The objective of this appointment is for the company to know first-hand the quantity and volume of the belongings to be moved and thus be able to design an adjusted budget taking into account the technical and logistical means it needs to carry out.

But how far in advance do you have to contact a top-rated moving company in Las Vegas to guarantee their availability? Well, that is precisely what we will tell you in this post.

Factors That Influence The Availability Of A Moving Company

The availability of a moving company depends on many factors, although the most determining factors are the time of year, month, and week in which it is carried out.

Time Of The Year

In summer, the real estate offer increases as many flats rented by students become vacant. In those months, the activity declines until the end of the summer holidays, when it becomes active again.

At that time, both the students themselves and individuals usually look for housing with the idea of ​​closing the rental or purchasing to move in September or October at the latest. For this reason, many removals are concentrated at this time of year, something that must be taken into account when hiring a company.

Time Of The Month

As you can imagine, many more removals are contracted at the end of the month since it is usual to leave home at that time to start the following month installed in the new residence.

That is why it is vital that if you want to leave your current home at the end of the month and move to the new one, contact prestigious movers as soon as possible to avoid availability problems.

Day Of The Week

Moving companies are much more in demand on weekends, Fridays, and Saturdays when most people organize themselves to carry out the home move.

Even if you have a day, even two, of leave from work to make a move, it is customary to combine it with the weekend to have more time to make this change.

Main Mistakes To Avoid When Moving

When you have to make a move, experience is also a degree. Because when you face your first change of address, you make a series of beginner mistakes that you will not repeat.

Overfilling The Packing Boxes

Not to fill the boxes too much when you store books, records, documents such as albums, or the like. If you fill a cardboard box to the top, the chances are that the package cannot be moved even among several people. Or also that the bottom of the box does not withstand the weight and breaks.

As a basic rule, the idea is that the weight of a box never exceeds 20 kilos. This weight ensures the mobility of the box without problems and that it will not risk breaking during transport.

Pack The Crockery Plates Horizontally

Contrary to what you should do with books, it is recommended that the dishes of the tableware that you will transport are stored vertically. Indeed your first impulse is to keep them horizontally, one on top of the other, but it is another of the most frequent mistakes when carrying out a change of address.

Ideally, you should look for a box that is not very large, put a cloth or foam padding at the bottom and store the dishes vertically wrapped in newspaper or packing paper. This way, you will have less chance of breaking if they receive a break or weight falls on the box. Do not forget the label that says “Fragile.”

Do Not Empty Cabinet And Dresser Drawers

And finally, another of the most frequent mistakes in a move is not emptying the drawers of cabinets, chests of drawers, shoe cabinets, or auxiliary furniture. In addition to adding weight and making moving difficult, this oversight can cause the drawers to open during the move, and all its content is lost.

Our Advice As A Moving Company

If you want to organize your move well, not have availability problems with the company and plan everything ahead of time, our advice is to contact you 3-4 weeks before the date you plan to move.

Also, do not forget that if you move from an area or move to another in which access limitations or loading and permits are needed, the procedures may require a few days. Therefore, the sooner you contact the removal company, the best.

If you have a moving insight, you can contact us even if you have not yet closed the dates. Being a well-known moving company in Las Vegas, we will help you organize and plan our service to fit it into your dates.


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