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Many people tend to overlook the health of their teeth until it’s time for their annual dental check up, or unless they are experiencing an issue like pain. While getting a routine dental check up is always recommended, there are some habits that you should get used to to make sure that your teeth are in tip top shape. Having healthy teeth can go much further than just being able to flash a great smile. Here are some tips from the orthodontist in Calgary for you to employ to help you easily and quickly keep track of the health of your teeth right at home.

Look closely at your gums and tongue

Having healthy gums is a pretty good indication that your teeth and mouth are also healthy. Take a look at your gums every once in a while to make sure that they are a pink colour. When you are checking, glide a finger over your gums, they should be firm and you should feel no pain. Having red, white or swollen gums can be warning signs. Your tongue should also be pink and firm. Each time that you brush your teeth, be sure to brush your gums and tongue and remove plaque that appears as a white film on your tongue.

Brush and floss mindfully

Another easy way that you can monitor the health of your teeth is to pay attention to the way it feels when you brush and floss. If you notice any bleeding, even only a small bit, this is not a great sign and it should be brought up at your next dental appointment. And, if you feel as if you need to floss more often as food particles get stuck in your teeth more often, this could be a sign that you are developing a cavity between your teeth. In many cases, you won’t be able to visibly see the cavity in the early stages, but your dentist will be able to check for you during your next appointment.

Keep track of how your breath smells

We all know how much foods like garlic can linger on our breath after we enjoy lunch. However, a healthy mouth should otherwise have a relatively neutral scent to it. Having chronic bad breath can be a sign that you have some other issues that are affecting the health of your teeth.

Sensitivity can be a bad sign

Cold or hot drinks might give you slight feelings of sensitivity, however if you have prolonged sensitivity to hot or cold foods then this could be a sign that you have a cavity. This sensitivity can also be an indication of an uneven bite, which causes certain teeth to get worn down faster than the others. Make sure that you take note of these things and let your dentist know when you see them.

Observe your teeth colour

Check your teeth colour over time and make sure to note any changes. Getting white patches is usually a sign of cavity, tooth decay or having weakened enamel. 

If you just moved to a new town or city and would like to find the perfect affordable dentist in Sarnia, then you came to the right place to find out how. If you find a dentist who is able to care for your children’s teeth as well as all the adults and even elderly in the home, this could make things a lot more convenient for you. The trick is looking for and finding the right dental professional out of the many dental clinics around for your family. The following tips can help you out.


You most likely want to go to a dentist who has had all of the proper training and certifications possible. While it’s a great sign to see that a dentist has undergone a lot of training in the past, you should also inquire about what type of training they are enrolling in now. Is your potential dentist keeping up with the latest dental techniques, technology and treatment options?

You will want to find a dental clinic who believes in continuous learning and ongoing training. This means that you and your family will be in good hands and will have constant access to the latest innovations that are in dentistry.


Dental practices that have been on the block for a few years will make a better choice than newer ones. Once a dental clinic has a lot of experience working with patients of all ages, the dentist will be more likely to understand everyone in your family whether they are going to preschool or are retired. This ability to know how to take care of the dental needs of many different generations and use their extensive experience to treat your family will ensure that all of you will get the attention that you need.

Welcoming and friendly

One more important quality that you should seek out is the clinic’s dedication to patient care and support. Do the staff greet you in a warm and friendly manner? Do they make you feel welcome as soon as you or a family member walk through the door? The dental assistants and hygienists who act in a courteous and professional manner can also contribute greatly to making patients feel relaxed during their appointment. Now, add in a dentist that is able to relate to and easy to talk to with people of any age, and you have a winner.


One of the best benefits of working with a family dentist is the ability to be able to schedule several back to back appointments for each of your family members so that you can make the trip efficient and convenient. Maybe one member of the family needs to get their teeth cleaned, while another needs to have their braces looked over. Knowing that you have the option to schedule appointments altogether makes it easy for the whole family to see the dentist at the same time. Talk about convenience.

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