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How Acrylic Sheets Can Protect Your Employees

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Acrylic plastic sheets may be utilized in several ways to protect your company, employees, or the general public from the COVID-19 pandemic, or to safeguard your workers from theft or other harm over a longer-term.

We’ve recently seen a significant increase in demand for our acrylic plastic sheets, owing to health and safety concerns as well as house design projects.

If you’re searching for methods to safeguard your staff, we have the advice you need in this article.

PPE Face Visors

Employees in hospitals and other industries use protective clothing (PPE) to protect them from viruses and infections. Acrylic sheets of 2mm thickness may be cut, bent and moulded to any size or shape, making them ideal as a face visor for a face shield that covers the entire face while yet allowing the user to see.

It’s no secret that face shields are worn in hospitals. They’ve been used recently by hospitals to protect nurses, physicians, and health workers against the coronavirus. The best full-face masks are made of sturdy materials that protect against airborne viruses by covering critical zones such as the eyes, nose, mouth, and skin.

Sneeze Guards

We’ve seen numerous organizations already employ acrylic plastic sheets as sneeze guards to provide different work environments and minimize COVID-19 transmission in the workplace.

Acrylic screen guards prevent people and coworkers from catching the virus through airborne droplets by shielding and separating them. They let consumers use a card reader through a slot in the screen and, in certain cases, even pass items to shop staff so they can scan each item. These screens are not only seen in supermarkets but they’re also found at a variety of businesses including retail outlets, pubs, restaurants and cafés.

Bank Screens

Plastic screens can be used to keep cashiers safe from robbers who try to steal money. They may also help consumers reduce the transmission of COVID-19. These screens have been in use for many years and are most frequently found in banks or post offices where large amounts of money are handled by cashiers.

Cashiers will be guarded against harm and money kept safe by these screens, which provide the ultimate protection. It also prevents people who are not authorized from accessing company goods by providing a barrier between them. 

Machinery Safety

Sawdust and particles from the machine may be inhaled if manual workers use them regularly. To avoid sawdust and material particles from entering their mouth when using the equipment, they must be required to wear eye protection. Although, as an example, a manual employee who may use a pillar drill to cut wood has the potential risk of being caught in the drill, regardless of his or her experience or training.

This is why an acrylic chuck guard (in the form of a shield) is used to prevent the operator from being entangled, chipped, or obscured by dust and chips. A chuck guard must be composed of transparent acrylic plastic to ensure that the machinery is visible and that health and safety precautions are followed to safeguard operators and manual labourers from harm.

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