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Crafting an Experiential Marketing Strategy: Steps of a Reliable Agency

Businesses use experiential marketing to increase brand awareness while engaging directly with both potential and current customers. It usually involves setting up shop or interactive displays at popular public spots to get consumer attention. A 2019 statistics report from Statista shows that experiential marketing spending increased to 62.29 billion in 2018.

In short, experiential marketing helps brands build deeper connections with prospects and have them interact with products and brands in an experience-enriching way. Let’s find out what steps professionals use to deliver an effective experiential marketing strategy!

How Professionals Create an Experiential Marketing Strategy

Creating an experiential marketing strategy requires experience, customer experience knowledge, and ways to use analytical information. By understanding the current position of a brand, professionals devise an effective experiential marketing strategy. Here’s how!

In-Depth Analysis of Existing Customer Experience

To create an effective experiential marketing campaign, the professionals will check on the existing customer experience with your brand. This will involve digging up customer databases, trends, stakeholder reviews, and market research. The professionals will also consider the presence of touchpoints throughout the customer journey.

Over two-thirds of customers expect brands to understand their needs as per the statistics on HubSpot. That’s why this stage is important for experiential marketing strategy creation.

Analyzing Ongoing Brand-Associated Trends

Next, the professionals will look at the ongoing trends and customer journey changes that are taking place in the market in connection to your brand. By understanding the impact of social and cultural shifts in customer interactions, professionals can customize the experiential marketing strategy.

What drives the current trends? What makes current customers interact the way they do? All that information can fuel your brand’s experiential marketing campaign.

Create Brand Experience Ideas

Now, the professionals will come up with brand experience ideas. They will formulate techniques, plans, and campaigns to have customers interact with your brand or products in new ways. The marketing strategy doesn’t necessarily have to focus on selling.

It can focus on improving the way customers react and interact with what your brand has to offer. That said, professionals will use experiential marketing strategies to help customers connect with your brand effectively. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Still looking for more info? We’ve compiled a list of FAQs – check them out!

How to find the right experiential marketing agency?

Look for experience, service portfolio, response rate, and existing clientele to find the right experiential marketing agency.

Is experiential marketing the same as brand activation?

Experiential marketing is one of the many practices for brand activation that aims at generating public awareness and market popularity. 

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